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220 Field Ambulance RAMC ( V ).

Hi guys just a quick post on behalf of my father. He served in this TA unit from the mid 70,s up till the early 90,s. Being a complete biff like me on anything to do with computers, he has asked me to post on here to see if he can catch up with any old mates. PM or post I,m sure your replies will be most apprechiated. He was a well known member & i,m sure anybody serving this unit at this time would remember him !!

Regards LT.
:D hi, I was the Chief Clerk of 220 Fd Amb from 1977 - 1980, bet I knew your Dad!
They were in West Malling, although the unit was (and probably still is) on the main Maidstone road, not far from the Royal British Legion Village.
sorry Wilki dont recall the name bet id recognise the face though also recall "sausage" Dave, Ian who was an arms dealer in civilian life (seriously) remember him being stopped by police while riding his pushbike carrying a bergan full of assorted hardware and Jim whos now working as a bodyguard so Im told remember Jim having a lovely ND at Thetford the look on his face was pure horror but extremly amusing to us, thats enough of me waffling on Ill **** off now.
very-old-git said:
One of my friends and possibly your fathers ex CO Geoffrey Brown or OC died earlier this year. RIP

Hi guys, how's things. Irish Nurse (Mac) here! 220 from 1991-1996. Hi Wilkie, thanks again for getting me off stag in Thetford by sleeping through both yours and mine! Hi Colin, still driving?

RIP Col Browne, I remember him as a nice chap.
Hi folks!

per-sec, please do not put e-mail address's on here but PM to each other instead........god know's what you'll get from some of the clowns on here!!!
Yes I remember Mike Henderson. He was a L/Cpl when I transfered to 220 and new him for many years and saw him go through the rank's from L/Cpl up to officer. One of best and he was with me a lot as my Section Sgt then officer, great guy.


dui-lai said:
Hi folks!

per-sec, please do not put e-mail address's on here but PM to each other instead........god know's what you'll get from some of the clowns on here!!!
Good advice from one in the know!
I remember running around Germany with MH in charge of the section. Great time - also remember him running into a "puddle" somewhere on Salisbury Plain, (we were all running around it) and it coming up to his neck! Happy days!
Hi Jan. Just found this site. Many happy memories of the two Hs especially yours. Would love to get in contact. Lots to catch up on. Alan P.
Hi it is Jan Henderson on line again after many many months (wife of Mike Henderson) Sorry I missed the emails. Please do send some more and is it possible for names to be added. Alan it was nice to hear from you and yes it would be good to see you again.If the other H is out there HELLO!
Hello Jan. So glad you saw the message. great to hear from you. Are you on Facebook? If so 220 has it's own group site with many of the old members on line that post messages all the time. Have a look. You will not regret it. Other H on there. He would love to get in touch. Hope you are all well. Lots to catch up on. My E-mail address is alan.prentice@virgin.net or give me a ring. My number has not changed. Bye for now. Alan.

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