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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Is anybody else getting pissed right off with the phenomenon of "Full Time Part Time"?

    Surely if you want to be a full timer, you join the Regulars? The thing that grips me is that whenever an overseas trip, gucci course or a jolly comes up, these twats are first on it due to the virtue of them always being around the TAC and being bezzers due to sucking up to the bosses all day (Brew Sir?).

    Helping out unemployed chaps I can understand, but supporting the unemployable where they don't have to get a civvy job and can just fester really winds me up. Also, several of these creatures don't seem to find the ability to get some phys done during the day. I know of 2 who tell people that they're "In the Army" when asked, despite being about 22 Stone of blubber.

    Are 220 day TA really that cost effective? Just a whinge on my part, but what are other peoples experiences?
  2. If they were 365 day TA, they'd still be cheaper. What you get out of them depends on what you tell them to do. And I recall from my student days that it was the PSI who asked me to come in each day, not the OC. I also recall that there weren't many days where I was scratching around, looking for something to do.
  3. Praetorian, you sound like your in the same unit as me!!!
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  4. They're there do the crappy odd jobs that get in the way of the permenant staff's golf handicap.
  5. You could always join a unit that does go on Gucci overseas exercises as a matter of course!
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  6. I did. :sunny::whew:
  7. If your unit is understrength, would you begrudge those who can recruit during the working week. Every location has a core of trained soldiers who are able to deploy on operations or does it ?
  8. Good ain't it!!
  9. Its just really beginning to grip my shit where its now far easier to be a TA Soldier when unemployed, as opposed to being a reservist in the purest sense of the word. When it comes round to SJAR time, the "soldier" with more facetime by virtue of their 220 day contract will always be an advantage.

    Also, is it really appropriate to allow these people to mong it and not need a civilian job, particularly when good lads are being made redundant to save money?
  10. 'Twas always the case, there are those who take the piss, mongs who are unemployable in the real world. What pissed most off is that they viewed themselves as Regulars.
  11. Aren't these all problems for the CoC to manage?

    I know what you mean about these people, they are always on hand for the drossy jobs and then get rewarded with the Gucci gigs. We do an annual skiing sketch and it's like a war dodgers' convention.

    If they do get pally and first namey with the reg staff that's one thing, if they are allowed to get away with low standards that's another.

    What grips my shit is that I have to give 6 weeks notice for civvy leave and most of the best stuff comes in last minute, so it's the waifs that get it, they only need enough notice to sky plus their daytime TV favourites and they're good to go.

    And the ones I can think of are undeployable.
  12. Exactly my experience. The King of the Enablers is one, a morbidly obese desk jockey who insists that he's trying to get fit whilst inhaling cans of lager and pies. And none of the PTI's can touch him because of his knee/back/insert this weeks downgraded problem.
  13. Whilst I don't for one minute advocate what these ***** play it seems to me the problem lies with those employing them to do the "odd little job". I can think of 3 off the top of my head who are regularly asked to do recruiting and if they stopped me in the middle of the street to talk about the TA I'd ******* wet myself. So surely the PSI (or whoever) asking them to come in needs addressing as to why they ask the serially unemployable to do jobs they don't want too or can't do. This, my learned friends, is yet another thing that needs to be addressed with the shake up of the TA but it won't as there are too many work shy regs or stuck in their ways seniors who's sole purpose in life appears to be making the TA as a whole look like a dog shit organization. If I'm honest, at the moment it is.
  14. Well welcome to the TA boys!

    You've just gotta make it work for you as best you can. And don't turn into one of those types.

    One more tour for me then I'm gonna be a TA enabler. I'm practising my 1000 yard stare. I've already got a locker full of dodgy war stories ready to deploy in the Sqn bar. All I need now is an office with an 'I-love-me' wall where I can hang my course photos and ropey pass certs. I'll need a desk, big chair, brew kit, a camp cot, some FAD to hang behind the door, a pace stick on the desk, an SLR wood butt pen holder and then I'll be a rootin' tootin' fully accessorised TA senior enabler. Oh, and a G10 CWS watch in reggie colours.

    Have I missed anything??
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  15. Regimental Mug and a Green tour T-Shirt given to you by someone else which the sweat has stained yellow around the collar.