22 yrs vs Commission?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Wishful_Thinking, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Reading the Signals forum with the general lack of morale that comes across, why would anyone, after 22 years regular service wish to Commission?
  2. Extra responsiblity and extra pension for a start?
  3. Fair points Matelot, but just a couple of sticking points on those:

    The extra responsibilities are all well and good, but no point if you've still got a lack of manpower and resources.

    The extra pension would not be worth the hassle from the extra responsibilities mentioned above, as there isn't much difference between a WO1s pension and a Capts.
  4. You may want to commission, purely so you can stay in an environment that you know.

    Maybe an LE commission is the icing on the cake of a succesful career.

    You may want to carry on using your skills, rather than rotting in some civialian post.


    The reasons for and against are numourous and known only to the individual.
  5. Hang on to what has become habit maybe? It only gets easier afterall.
  6. A WO1's pension id similiar to a Captains pension, granted. That is, however, a DE Captain. When LE's get commissioned they get paid a hideous amount of money and therefore the gratuity that falls off the back of their service is huge.
    Money isnt everything as others have pointed out but, in this case... it certainly helps to make your mind up.
    The networking aspect should never be underestimated either
  7. I'm far too lazy to ever have considered a commission. Not that LE Officer's do a great deal. Ambition was never my thing. I'm more of a thumb up bum type of soldier and it's served me well!
  8. Remember that a LE commission is not a right and there is a rigorous selection process. Last year there was a lack of quality with some of the RD's attempting the board, so more supervisor trades were commissioned to fill the gaps. It is effectively a new career.

    I am now coming to the point where I need to put myself forward for my first attempt of three. Although I probably will attempt it, I'll not be relying on it and change my mind almost daily as to whether I'd want it or not.

    As to the extra pension, your pension does not rise for the first few years when commissioned anyway.
  9. Is being a RSM the summit of a career.....or just a stepping stone?
  10. Major differance is a DE Officer gets his pension after only 16 years instead of 22 yrs for a OR and clocks it up after that point.


    Rates are
    WOI after 22 yrs = £12,114
    Capitan after 16 yrs = £9830
    Major (which is a more level comparison)
    after 16 yrs = 12,611

    See scales for additional years service.


    (which is £181.29 FOR EACH YEAR UP TO THE MAXIMUM AWARD OF £19026.54)
  11. Thank you for your replies so far Gents.

    Absolutely! That is how it should be too.

    I was aware of that too. Maybe they will have better luck this year :D . Though surely their future, if successful on the board, is one of either Families Officer or MTO - not everyones idea of a successful outcome!

    Which brings me back to - Is it worth it, especially if you are from an RD background?
  12. Because the Corps is awesome, obviously. The 'lack of morale' evident in the posts is a sure reflection of the grass always being greener elsewhere.

    Are you the guy who does those examinations at Hereford before they go on the run in a WW2 greatcoat? Or have you got prostate problems?
  13. Remember that after 27 years service (5 as a rodney), that Capt or possibly even Maj will command a much higher salary on civvie street.

    Do not forget that some people are now commisioning well before their 22 yr point. On commisioning I understand that you must serve 5 yrs. So potentially if you commision at your 20 yr point you can be getting out at 43 years old as a Capt (minimum) and still have 22 years of employment left in you in civ div. If you intend to do 22 you would be a fool not to try unless there is a much better offer.
  14. LE rules have just changed-check the DINs carefully if you are considering it (don't have the ref to hand, but RCMOs will have it)
  15. I must be honest it is an option that I am considering more and more, why? Well as already mentioned, stability being in an environment I am used to (or is it scared of letting go?) and the money is not to be sniffed at, what the Forces demands over the years it is certainly worth getting as much as I can when I eventually do leave.

    As for the pinnacle of a career, I would say WO1 can be depending on what YOU want, if you have always aimed at being an LE officer then it would be an important stepping stone in getting there.