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Discussion in 'REME' started by simoninge2002, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. I think this has been asked before but can't find the thread. After serving 22 years i will be leaving the Corps in Jan 2010. I will recieve a presentation from the Sgts Mess that I belong to at present but can somebody tell me if I will get anything from our illustrious Corps, or do we just disappear into the sunset.

  2. I certainly got diddly squat from the Corps Mess, of which I am a Life Member and as far as the Corps Mess is concerned I probably did not feature on their horizon for the simple reason that I was outside of Arborfield!!
  3. I know someone who got the letters B N G and A after 22 yrs.

    I thought it was bang out of order.
  4. You disappear matey as you don't pay anything into a Corps fund. This has been done to death many times before. The introduction of a fund was looked into a few years ago but the result was 'it's all too difficult to manage'. Give the Corps ASM a call; he can explain in greater detail than I can be bothered with :D
  5. Wait til you get your red book. That must make up for any Corps/mess/Unit presentation.............Not!!!
  6. You will get a thank you letter from someone in an up high office (not REME). You will get a final mess bill which you have to pay before clearance. You MIGHT if you are with a regiment get a presentation piece but sadly nothing from the corps. The corps cares even less about you when you leave than it did when you joined. Only the good people will remember you.
  7. I take it you started in Jan 89 in which case were you Radfan or Falklands????..............There are very few of us left, I was Radfan.
  8. I take it you started in Jan 89 in which case were you Radfan or Falklands????..............There are very few of us left, I was Radfan.
  9. I got a nice certificate of thanks from DEME(A), 22 years served and they put the wrong appointment on it, so to answer your question, No, hand in your ID Card, car pass and that I am afraid is it.
  10. Hang on, you've got me worried there. I was Radfan, Oct 02 1988 and by my reckoning I've still got a year left (02 Oct 2010)- I hope? 8)
  11. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Don't expect it to be any different elsewhere......My Dad is about to retire after 44 years in the same place...A4 office printed certificate and a whip round.

    It just chokes you up doesn't it.

  12. You don't always get a send off from the Regt you happen to be attached to either! There are still two blokes from my Unit who slipped through the net due to the usual mess that is the forecast of events. The RSM wants to get them back for a dine-out, but how long can you leave it after you complete 22yrs?? It's over a year now for one of them. Also, what about the guys who end their time somewhere without a mess - they probably do have grounds to feel bitter.

    With respect to a Corps presentation, surely we'd have to pay for it ourselves over the years anyway? I'm not sure I would want an impersonal gift that I'd forked out for - Unless the Corps Fund coughed up for it; but nowadays I think there are better things to spend that money on I think.