22 years service and F**K off

Discussion in 'REME' started by A_Lert, Feb 2, 2002.

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  1. Why does the Corp Mess not give a presentation to reward 22 years service like the other Corps and Regt?

    As the Atts and Dets is seems bloody embarrassing to be in a mess and given a token something by that mess for 22 years service, but nothing from our own Corp mess. Why does it rely on the generosity of the unit's mess we happen to be in at the end of our service?

    It does stink  :mad:
  2. We have a bloke leaving shortly, he'll get the usual pewter piece, shame really.  If he'd done 22 with the Bn he'd get a silver Bugle....

    Would you be happy paying subs to the Corps Mess for your career as a SNCO?

    Personally, the 1 days pay scheme seems like a good place to collect the money from - bit difficult to administer though.
  3. True, our parent Bn (God bless em, crap at ES, 510`s in rag order) but they treat any REME finishing his 22 in thier mess, as one of thier own, and get the full presentaion pieces that the Bn boys get. Mind you, the way the corp has gone lately I don`t think I will want to remember it when my 22 is up :'(
  4. You can always go on FTRS and endure another few years of being treated like  :mad:crap from on high in Glasgae!

    (In case you havn't had enough yet!)
  5. "We have a bloke leaving shortly, he'll get the usual pewter piece, shame really.  If he'd done 22 with the Bn he'd get a silver Bugle...."

    :D :D :D :D :D :D  good post Nige
  6. I did 14 years then told i was md'd. 3 months to get outa germany and resettle. No leaving do or presentation (only been there 4 years). Then the papers turn up from glasgow not even a "cheers for the service mate" in there. Nice to be appreciated. Long live the Corps!!
  7. Don't worry.

    I have got a house full of army junk that is heading for the bin.

    I remember when I was attached to the wedgies and the mess officer was over the moon at receiving a new CD writer as his gift, at last he said, after 23 years in the army I have been given a gift that is useful.
  8. Theres life after REME and most of these gifts end up in the attic or the bin.
  9. True, but then again my Maj asked me why I wasn't going for a commission this year. I told him that I would only consider a commission in the ETS if I really wanted some pips on my shoulder. He looked a little shocked and asked why all the ETS seemed to be poaching the WOs from the REME, and the corp was struggling? I pointed out that the ETS valued the experience and the quality we had, and we could leave the ETS as qualified teachers. What would we leave the REME with? A pewter cup and an a few more years of sh1t.

    The REME does not value its soldiers, and the 22 year tablet is just a very small part of the rot within the corp.
  10. just finished my 22 like many others no interview as the civvy running the show was busy, and amazingly when my testimonial tipped up from Glasgow it was a complete load of AR*E didnt even get the Corps name correct (love them clerks) that was January they are re-writting it as a matter of urgency (you guessed it still not got it). Glad I didnt take the offer of staying.
  11. I don't believe that our fine Corps would put people out to pasture. Whatever next??
  12. You are right, this is not bloody good enough!
    I believe the Corps ASM is looking into the feasibility of obtaining a Corps presentation piece....let me put it to you though....are you willing to pay for it??
  13. i think you might find the only thing the corps ASM is looking into is DEME(A)'s ricker
  14. Happens in the Infantry too - I recently left after 21 years and there wasn't even a handshake or a farewell from the bloke in charge.

    Did, however, get a letter from RHQ suggesting that I might want to contribute a day's pay into the new Regt's coffers!

    It does seem a little churlish when someone gives a fair chunk of life to an organisation and it fails to even bid them farewell on the day they leave!!
  15. Welcome to the real world - At the end your years of Service count for little.
    A piece of Pewter or a silver Bugle is only a reminder of the memories. The biggest challenge is to utilise the skills and experience we gained and translate them to Civvy street. Good Luck!