22 years pensions

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by poet, May 26, 2005.

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  1. how much do you get if u do your full 22 years service :?:

    any help eg links be great :lol:
  2. Your pay bloke will do you a forcast.
  3. Haven't you got a pay office? Or are you a 'wife of' that's hoping to fleece your husband for what you think is rightfully yours?
  4. i am a civiy hopeing to sign up soon

    if i do do my full 22 years how much do i get :twisted: (greedy)
  5. Ask when you sign up you dick.
  6. forgot to ****ing ask and my recruit is away ok
    so any 1 got rougth idea
    going in for inf?????????
  7. Depends on your rank when you leave and stuff like that and inflation plays a part. So a bit difficult to estimate really. And who says you'll survive 22 anyway!
  8. gd point :(

    thinking postive just like to know every thing i can about the army

    lets say was inf regular private 3 and i never moved up for 22 years :oops:

    or should i stop looking thinking about this get back to training :twisted:
  9. If you intend to join the Army - or the RAF or the RN for that matter - in the future, you won't actually receive a pension after 22 years service. The old pension scheme with the 22 years for pension feature is now closed to new recruits and anyone who joins or has joined after 5 April this year is a member of the new AFPS 05 scheme.

    The terms are a bit more complex than the old scheme. The main thing that will interest you is that if someone leaves before age 55, they will receive their pension at age 65 and if they have served for 18 or more years are 40 years of age or over (and younger than 55), they will be entitled to an Early Departure Payment (or EDP) payable until they are 65.

    Pension will be pased soley on the individual's final salary as oposed to the representative pay rates system of the old scheme.

    The new scheme and EDP are complex and not something that is easy to explain in a few words. I suggest you read the details that are available on the 05 scheme on the MOD website at http://www.mod.uk/issues/pensions/

    Hope his helps.
  10. thanks for the help man : :wink:
  11. nosweat, I'm impressed, some one has been doing their home work on the new pension scheme!
  12. Thank you for your words. I do indeed know quite a lot about it, so pm if you have any questions.
  13. One for the Paymaster;

    Had I joined the wonderful boys in blue of the heroic firefighters, or any other government run oganisation I could have my pension paid directly into and bank within the European union. However because i opted to wear the green skin,I am forced to have it paid in an UK account. Why isnt it possible to have it paid anywhere in Europe. Afterall we are now all one big happy family aren't we :)
  14. Just have a standing order from your uk bank to ... where ever you want it to go. You will however have to pay any costs involved and the amount will be subject to any currency fluctuations. Be careful too about the taxation issues.
  15. Thanks paymaster, however why would i need a Uk bank account if ive emigrated?
    the facility to pay pensions ( even OAP ) into any eurpean bank is there, why not for a retired member of the forces?