22 years leaving cert

Discussion in 'REME' started by electric_citizen, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. While I think that the idea of a certificate from DEME(A) recognising your 22 years of service is a good one, it would be nice to have your details completed correctly. Artificer Quarter Master Sergeant? Come on, at least have the courtesey to find out what your soldiers actually do! It will be interesting to see if I do get a corrected version and if so what appointment an Artisan WO2 will have as a designation.

    Also, why were the certificates in a frame and a couple of months ago started arriving minus the frame? (rhetorical question).

    If DEME(A) thinks I have been reduced to AQMS then do I qualify for all that back pay at the higher pay band? :lol:
  2. :D :D Yes.......as long as you do the Tiffy Course as Resettlement..... :D :D
  3. You get 35 days for resettlement. If I do the Tiffy course what should I use the other 34 on? :D
  4. You are an AQMS, the lower band Artisan Quarter Master Sergeant!!

  5. no such thing mate, there are, however 3 Artisan Sergeant Majors that hold the appointment ASM.
  6. If as an Artisan, you are an ASM, does that not mean
    " A Shambles Medically"?????? or "Apparently Smells Musty"??? or "Ageing, Subnormal Misfit"????

    :D :D :D :D
  7. :D :D Do a scanning, photocopying, Font 7 typing course?????? :D :D
  8. Left last Apr after 27 years solid service in REME ... not even so much as a phone call !!! let alone a cert ... theres a moral in there somewhere guys ... No1 comes comes to mind!! Still waiting on my red book lol ... what a farce..
  9. Caspiandood, Try giving the Corps ASM a call at Arborfield - he'll sort it.
  10. What do you need it for? Life begins when you demob... Stop living in the past.
  11. LOL ! Believe me I dont need it - Im on a Maj Gen Salary in Civvy st but it would have been nice to get plus the more important fact that if Im not getting it what about the poor lads leaving who do need and use it.
  12. although a cert would be ok, hows tis for an idea.
    every one in the corp or even arms service has 'x' amount taken out of their pay each month for presentaions for those who have served 22 years. it is done in the mess as a one off payment when somebody completes there 22 years.

    its ok if your last posting is at a large unit with a large mess, but if your in a small unit, then your 5hit outta luck.

    now if we had a pool of cash for 22 years service each person would get an equal amount from the corp they have served for 22 years, and also a little something from your present unit.

    i know i wouldn't mind 50p a month out of my wages going to a good cause as this, so per person from starting their servive will have put in £132, now as only a small percentage of crafties actually make it to 22 years the money will actually increase.

    maybe have it so crafties pay 50p jnco £1 and snco £2.
    you do the math!!!
  13. who knows maybe this could act as an incentive to stay in!!!! LOL.
  14. Can't really say I was going to hang mine on the wall, but with incorrect details about who you are is an insult. This was just a cut and paste effort as an automated response with no knowledge of me or trade. This happened a few weeks ago, has there been a corrected copy sent or has anyone had the courtesy to reply? No, and please don't bother now. If anyone from DEME(A) who has any influence reads this I hope you can put something in place to stop it from happening again or please stop banging on about 'getting it right first time' and 'total quality'.

    As an aside; 22 year leaving presentations in our corps has always been a sticky problem due to the nature of our service and there will never be a gold plated solution. It is nice, however, when you leave the parent unit you're attached to and get dined out and treated like a permanent member.
  15. Apparently they dont do red books anymore :x