22 years done and offered extensions

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by flame_haired_adonis, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Do you think its fair that blokes that coming to the end of their time should be given extensions to their 22 years, even though it means men underneath waiting for promotion are getting foooooked over, even though they are in zone, because there are no jobs to move into because of the extra time given to others!
  2. Always thought that extensions only offered if there were gaps due to not enough people coming through the system?

    Fairly sure there will be a few out there disagree however as a general rule believe it is true.
  3. I can assure you this isnt always true, i know of a handful of people being offered extensions whilst younger upthusters mark time, and no before anyone says anything i am not someone doing the marking time....hoorah
  4. Yeah, there are quite a few bods getting the extended service. Normally biffs and trade streamed blokes that are static in Chatham / Chilwell who in my opinion are taking the places of the thrusters who are soldiering on Op's. Its all about retention and names to seats.
    Castle Gray Skull (REMCM Div) are happy that the Corps is manned.
    Nothing else matters. Fook the young lads. They have plenty of time to get promotion. Well this back log will jam and the turd wont make it passed the U bend!
    In 5 years to come this error will break the back of the already burdened bod! :x
  5. NO & i am one of them.
  6. Chatham is a good example of peeps being held up by someone being extended past their 22 year point.

    No sparkys went on promotion board (as trade) because there were no posts then when it was endex time for the incumbants at Chatham they were extended due to there being no sparkys picked up awaiting posts.

    No post vacant next year none went on board etc (did catch out quite a few who were career streamed sparks)

    Ended up holding up promotions for a few people despite any recomendations or grades.
  7. It ould do my head in to have a geriactic boss who smells of piss 22 years done, either let go or go to the dark side.
  8. 22 years of experience & investment is invaluable, the hierarchy would be foolish to let good soldiers & engineers with those credentials walk. You cant buy experience and wherever possible IMHO it should be harnesed and utilised for the good of the Corps.

    I was under the impression that extensions were offered if there were gaps, judging by the comments others disagree however if you're good enough the cream will always float to the top.
  9. I was offered extended service but declined it. I felt, in my situation, that i needed to make the break as i didn't want to be in the job forever. The post would've been in RETDU and as far i'm aware wouldn't have stopped any thrusters getting on. I know people who are leaving and going straight into MPGS.....so which is worse...not letting go(LE officers not included) or stagging on once you are done? :?
  10. Both m8 once your done your done. Go home be a civy and get on with life. I feel sorry for the boys who were in and keep on clutching at a past that is no longer relevant to us. The boys who did there time during the 80s and 90s wernt tested. Only the Falklands vets. Op Granby was a glorified Batus.
    What advice can a sweat tell an 18 year old whos been in combat in Afgan or Basra. Not much. You can imagine it know Quote " During the war (cold war) we did active edge and site guards it was a nightmare, bloody soxmis cards etc" I respect war vets but the I did 25 tours of Bosnia ends up in my file 13. Let go draw your pension and turn up to the british legion on remberance suday. Because when my 22 is up that is just what I will be doing.
  11. My bold. Try telling that to the guys who died out there when their warriors got blown apart by the Yanks and the guys who had to clear that mess up, picking up parts of their mates and the ones suffering from PTSD, you really are a fucking chod.
    Edited to add:- I went to both Batus and GW1 with RE and these two places were totally different in all aspects, granted Op Granby was not as hard as the sandy places are now, but none the less still worrying to friends and families.
  12. You are very good, almost got a bite, almost. :D

    You are either:

    A, Old and experienced and just toying with people out of badness :lol:


    B, You really do believe everything you say and because you have done a few tours believe that you are Gods gift to all things bright and beautiful. :x

    If A, well done

    If B, You quite clearly are a danger to yourself and others and I genuinely hope you are in charge of nothing more than a couple of G10 shovels.

    If A and you genuinely believe B. God help us all 8O 8O
  14. Hate to butt in but the work rate in S.Armagh was just as high if not higher during rebuilds and various operations, the fact that there were not as many contacts as say a telic is irrelevent, actually its a credit as we were obvously doing something right.

    However would we be doing as well on telic or the gan if this experence was lost?

    If someone is in yer way go left flanking, or failing that just open up all his pouches.
  15. No, but patrolling Belfast or South Armagh or working on any of the watch towers wasn’t exactly a walk in the park :roll:

    Nope you’ve got me there, I have spent the last 25 years sat behind a desk :roll: :roll:

    You’re a bright lad, probably a SNCO, go and do some CLM training and research the following:

    State the years since the Second World War that a British Soldier has not been killed due to hostile action.

    Quite a tough question seen as the world only started to revolve when you went on your first Op :oops: :oops: :oops: