22 years almost up....

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by geordielee, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm just entering my final 2 years and my actual last paid day is in Dec 2010.

    Question is, when can I actually leave?

    I will almost certainly have a job lined up, and could probably walk into that up to 12 months before Dec 2010.

  2. Go any time you like, go AWOL allways helps with the bills.
  3. A lot depends on your CO, mine let me go 5 months early. BUT be carefull how soon you go as it can affect when you get your pension paid. Good luck.
  4. Having been a civvy now for 6 days, you can start full-time paid work within your last 28 days of paid service. Any sooner, as already mentioned, depends on your unit.

    As you're now within your last 2 years you can now have your initial ressetlement briefing. This is normaly within you unit and takes about 2 hours.

    Everybody says it, and almost everybody ignpres it, but you should start your ressetlement from as far out as you can. The last 2 years flys by, and the training budet is tiny and pays for bugger all. Utilise everything that you can.

    As you've already given the Crown 20 years of your life, from here on in it's all about you and your family. Others in your CoC will try and keep you working flat out right up untill the last day possible. Feck them off, as after you've gone the Army will run just as smooth without you, you won't be missed, none of us are...

    Good luck
  5. Cheers. I started my resettlement off my own back a couple of years ago (stinking air tech see), so that's well in hand.

    Just wondered if I could bang out early (thinking 5 to 6 months), and get my next career under way.
  6. LOL! That is very true. Coming to the end of 22 years the last 2 go damned fast. Too many people think they have ages and then experience "ground rush".

    Resettlement has to be sorted out as priority number 1. This is counter-instinctual to many leavers (it was to me).

    Remember this. The army will continue after you have gone. Try to stop thinking that you are essential.
  7. As I see it, if you do the full time to your current ROD, you will have 4 weeks (28 working days) of termination leave. You may also be due some annual leave if you have any left from your 9 X 2.5 days - say 4 another weeks. That is the point when you can legally take up employment. But you can start the job 7 weeks before that as a job placement from the Services.

    That is how it was explained to me anyway.

    Meantime,get as much as you can in the way of training/quals from the military for free. Get registerd with CTP thro your iero and do the CTW plus any other free courses you fancy.
  8. make sure you go on the Financial Aspects of Resettlement Briefing, its free, you can get a freebie warrant to travel to it and if you need accom it doesnt come off your resettlement entitlement either.

    There are a lot of people still serving who think they know everything about your pension and will dish out some truely awful advice to you, I went on a FAR and it opened my eyes to a few things about the whole pensions thing and proved alot of what Id been told by both 'subject matter' and 'NAAFI bar' experts to be utter testicles and that is why your unit admin types are not allowed to give financial advice.
  9. Ground rush is an understatement, im glad i prepared however its all speeding up now. Im fortunate, i was approached by me OC asking me for a forcast of dates till i leave ie Leave out standing , resettlment days left etc....he thencame back to me several days later and informend me he will allow me to go 6 months early............

    Also an offer of employment works wonders......
  10. Good luck to you CC1, i would like hijack your thread for a mo, is there anyone out there who could clarify something for me with regards to MMA claims during resettlement? I have just submitted one with my RAO, which is the same as 3 previous claims, 363 signed and authorised etc etc. But now he is asking for proof that i was actually at my MMA location. I stayed at a family members house so no proof there. I don't mind this, however, if he told me prior to the claim i would have kept all recipts for fuel and food etc. But he didn't. I now have no proof that i was there and without it he will not pay. I thought that MMA was a non-receipt based claim and the authority was the 363?

    I could give him a paper from the area on the said dates, but i could have done this without even being there!
  11. I'm not an official quango on this. But as far as I was aware, they are non-receipt based.

    Just run it through on JPA and put ressetlement in the authority/justifucation box.

    I had loads of interviews.... :slow: !!!!!!
  12. Thats what i did, but for some reason all of my claims are stopped at the fsa for authorisation. The RAO then started asking for receipts etc.

    I think i will have to find a subject matter expert with regards to JPA and claims, thanks for the info tho, appreciated.
  13. A friend of the family (Ex Inf CSM) got let loose with 4 months to go with no problems. He was even able to take all of his leave for the year sat at home. So I suppose it was technically 5 Months.