22 years ago today at 0335.

Discussion in 'Iraq/Kuwait (Op GRANBY)' started by AIR FILTER, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. 22 years ago today at 0335 local time the first air raid siren sounded over Baghdad signalling to the whole world that war in the Gulf had indeed begun.

    Ironically and with hindsight, i guess that very first air raid siren can be seen as a catalyst for Western Military adventures galore in sand box operations even to this very day.
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    thanks for reminding me I was getting gobble off some bird while listening to some americans hiding in the bed in bagdad on world service - a good memory that
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  3. I dont understand the irony, surely Hussein invading Kuwait was the catalyst for the first Gulf War.
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  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    no that was the invasion of kuwait - operation stop short had yet to begin
  5. Oddly enough so was I. Honest!
  6. And also the main training emphases of the British Military switching over from urban warfare (regarding the threat from the Warsaw Pact country's) over to Desert Warfare.
  7. Well tedious linkage time,

    In WW1 the British and French allowed the creation of Iraq but left out Kuwait.

    Fast forward a number of years.......

    Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait becuase

    A. He doesnt like them there she'its
    B. Them sneaky Arab traitors were drilling Iraqui oil through diagonal drill under the border
    C. He needs Oil and a Base in the Persian Gulf as he has huge debts
    D. His ally's in France say they would turn a blind eye, possible error in translation
    E. All of the above

    So everyone wondering wtf is going on, America deploy to Saudi for Desert Sheild thinking thats Husseins next stop and then they do some Desert Storm stuff which includes setting of air raid warning in Bad h dad.

    America being in Saudi enrages a crazy mohammed lover who sets about a number of terrorist things culminating in 9/11 and the susequent invasion of Afghanistan.
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  8. I have distinct memories of that day. I was in DC for a week long course on the software used by various gov't agencies to deal with hazardous material problems. The wife and kid came along to sightsee as I was in a classroom. Around 7PM DC time I was in a class session and someone came in to let us know: "we're bombing the living shit out of Baghdad". The instructor tried to continue for a while but after a couple of updates the class moved to the bar in the lobby which had a huge TV. The class had some USCG NCO's and officers from a USCG hazmat strikeforceas well as a couple of NOAA officers. They left the class in the morning to go over as Saddam's environmental vandalism was expected.

    The wife was a USNR officer and knew she would be getting orders soon; which she did, first to the Pentagon, later to Bahrain and Kuwait. Before the classes started we had taken the son, then 8, to the National Zoo and he had bought a stuffed animal, a snow leopard like he had seen at the zoo. The next morning when we left the room for breakfast and class/sightseeing the son went and put the little leopard under the pillows protectively. It seemed a bit odd and babyish for 8 until I realized he knew mum was going to go on active duty and he was nervous.
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  9. I was a full screw stagging on in Soest, some thieving RP pad twat nicked all the cheese and fruit out of the guard box for his houseful of maggots, he was gob smacked that I put that down in the book!
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  10. 22 years ago today at 0335 local time... I was at RAF Gut stood watching TV footage of the first air strikes and struggling with a massive hangover, while waiting for a crab flight to Aldergrove.
  11. I was on the front gate of 6 Ord Bn's location back in Al Jubail, just about to finish my stag, having watched masses of aircraft going overhead through the early hours of the morning. After the start of the bombing was announced on the news, some twat from HQ turned on the sirens. Then someone tries to replen the NAIAD but gets it wrong, setting it off instead, leaving me left with my face welly on for a further hour while the Guard Comd and 2 I/C try to find out what the **** was going on.

  12. I was wherever MRG6 was at the time, buggered if I can remember though.
  13. 22 years - where does the time go? For those who joined up back then I wonder if they were expecting their 22 years service to be as busy as it has been?
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  14. I was in the middle of nowhere. There was sand and some armoured vehicles and a camel. (it stole a chicken carcass from our burn pit)
  15. I was in my living room, being 7 years old.
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