22 year tom

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mm1306, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if it is true that a 22 year tom will receive an RSM's pension, I've heard people say "I know someone who did it..." but this may or may not be true !!!
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer


    This is about the third attempt in about 2 weeks with the same question (although not maybe the same poster)
  3. Er, no. Nice idea, but a fantasy. Just as it was the last time someone asked.
  4. Load of shite. Ask 'Rat Boy' ex 1 PARA - he didn't have enough money to afford a razor. Burners that Elvis would be proud of.
  5. Yes it is very true. A bloke I drink with at the pub is one of these Toms that got out after 22 years. He is on a a full RSM pension. He also has photographs of Nessie, has flown in the Space Shuttle, taught Einstein all he knew, was the second guy on the balcony, and took the shot from the book depository.

    Oh yeah. A more honest bloke you wont find anywhere else!

    I'd Google the link to QR's for you but I'm far too lazy and a bit of a w@nker.
  6. Someone hitting the 22 year point and wishing that he hadn't pished it all up against the wall?

    Smacks of "oh fuck - wish I had some shekels for the future!"
  7. no wah, honestly, rumours usually come from somewhere, so it's a serious question !!
  8. Does anyone remember 'The Rat McLawrence"? 1 Para. I remember Col Kennett addressing the whole batt. saying he will always be welcome back in 1 Para after his million years service. This was a man with a full set of whiskers and beard so old sweat isn't the word!!!. Then a memo to guard-room......'Under no circumstances is PTE McLawrence to be allwowed access to Montgomery Lines.........

    I loved the Army!
  10. Shit!!! 5 Alpha- posted before seeing your comment about ratboy. I can't really think there would be two of them so sorry for being a nobber!! I imagine you were in the same hall!!!
  11. IM me 5 Alpha, I think we might know each other
  12. You cannot serve 22 years as a tom. Does that answer your question?
  13. If you were the slightly effeminate rupert with girl's hands who cried whilst orgasming inside one of his toms then we might.
  14. Fallschirmjeager

    Sorry mate, your talking out of your arse -refer to the above. 22 year toms are not unknown. The Rat from 1 Para was ledgendary, as was *** McDuffy of PRD..........Never allow ureself to be compromised was about all we ever got out of him and, with silver hair and a pipe, he wasn't your average tom.
  15. 5 Alpha,

    I never, EVER cried when ******* a tom. But maybe you were very soft. Like Andrex