22 year lump sum

Discussion in 'REME' started by Brother Bear, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Just a bit curious as to what an educated bunch like us would blow our 22 year money on, should we get that far.

    The sensible would no doubt pay off the mortgage and pay for an all inclusive hol to Torquay, but what would YOU do with the dosh?, got that special present for yourself lined up?, gonna go round the world at last (leaving out Iraq and Bosnia)? or gonna treat the wife to something for putting up with you for so long before she claims half and disappears down the road?

    If you have been there done that, then was the thing you blew your dosh on worth it, or have you some advive for us that are about to buy 50 grand of Lottery tickets!
  2. MMMMmmmmm, I'm NOT going to pay off the mortgage, the pension takes care of that, so I'm going to use a lot of it a s a deposit on another house, which the wages in my new job will take care of, one of them will be rented out and then eventually given to my sprog when she's old enough to need one....

    The rest will pay off some debts and buy our lass the Land Rover 90 she wants - yes, she really IS as sad as me when it comes to cars........
  3. My lump sum will only cover half my mortgage. Damn the housing market. Still, it's better than a kick in the teeth. Then I'm going to work my nads off as a contractor for 5 years in an effort to pay the rest of it off. Then take a chill pill and become a grumpy old bloke in the local rugby club until I die. :D
  4. What lump sum is this?

    Mrs Armadillo looking at catalogues and I am getting a bit worried
  5. seriously???
  6. DRINK,DRUGS and WOMEN the rest I'll spend foolishly
  7. A new bike and leathers and a holiday, a bunch of flowers for the wife and the rest on what ever i want.
  8. Managed to get a house from the council after plying the local councillor with beer down the legion. Paid for it cash with my lump sum. (Your time in the army counts towards your discount). Sold it a couple of years later for a huge profit and now live in a detached bungalow with a very small mortgage.
  9. Yes I have been working at a civvy dept for a while so am out of the briefing loop, Is this part of the pension?
  10. Aramadillo,

    How long have you been in???

    The lump sum is 3x your annual pension.
  11. Halfway point, I dont have clue what i am entitled to
  12. Well, may I make the suggestion that you get in touch with some admin bods (if you're a detached unit, you should have admin support somewhere) and ask all the questions you want/can!

    This link will take you to the pension calculator and will do all the sums for you.

    Pension Calculator

    Bloody hell, this must be a wah surely? You've done 11 yrs and don't know what you're entitled to?? Not even after the whole choose what pension you want-AFPS 75/05???
  13. Doesn't matter how much I get as I'll only spend it anyway!

    Annoy the terrorists and move to Thailand live in a mansion paradise with 17 Virgins without having the inconvenience of blowing yourself up....
  14. Bigred
    You dont make it easy for yourself. Where are you going to find 17 virgins in Thailand?
  15. A fool is easily parted from his money