22 Year Golden Handshake

Discussion in 'REME' started by Spartacustard, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Why after giving 22+ years of graft to our Corps, do they give us fcuk all but memories and decent mates? Surely something can be set up to recognise service done?

    Anyone know why this has not been taken up yet?
  2. Why, to give us all the misguided sense that our efforts over those 22 years were actually appreciated, or even feckin noticed come to think of it.........

    Nah, never 'appen
  3. Have heard this question a few times through the years and the only answer i've heard is that unlike most infantry regts, who have a central fund into which they pay (via messes usually), we do not. And because of the fact that we move around so much we are never able to acrue the neccassary dosh.

    I'm sure our gracious Corp can include a donation from us via our Corp fund perhaps? just a thought.
  4. This one has gone around the buoy more times than you can shake the proverbial at. The last but one Corps ASM raised this issue with the old Regt Col. It was suggested that a Corps Fund be managed either in HQ DEME(A) or at the APC, where SNCOs pay in throughout their career and reap the cash back + interest for a 22 yr leaving gift. Much like the Royal Marines. Bottom line is, it would prove too onerous on an already busy desk clerk or another person would need to be employed to manage it. Both options attract financial penalties and therefore the idea was thrown out. It's all about money or should I say the lack of it!!
  5. You get a pension. What more do you want?
  6. Do the REME not get a lump sum plus pension payable from the day you leave like the rest of the Regs after 22 years?
  7. Ah, the desire for a gold-plated adjustable or whatever to add to the collection of unit farewell pieces and presentations amassed over the course of a glittering career.......... well, if you want the bog standard "you're finished" present, delivered from a central point within your Corps, then fine. I would contrast it to the number of presentration pieces you (might) have received from previous units, which were varied, personal and conveyed the recognition of your colleagues and feel that it would be of less significance.... but what do I know?
  8. Rickshaw, that is my point exactly. I do have numerous presentations which reflect my great time with the broad spectrum of units i have been to and enjoyed (yes all of them). So why cant the corps give you something to just say cheers easy?
  9. Cracklenose,
    Perhaps because the REME is too large, dispersed and dissimilar organisation to feel like a regiment?
  10. Understand the financial penalties bit, but REME MCM Div are aware of all those leaving & how long they've done. Why can't they issue a scroll/certificate of thanks to all who serve the Corps 8)
  11. I gather from reliable sources that the Corps is considering some form of commendation certificate.
  12. As already said mess members get lots of presentation pieces form lots of different messes throughout a full career. However having said that, when you leave after 22 you deserve something differnet and some form of recognition. It Depends on what unit you finish at for the level of presentation piece.
    One of the Cavalries finest jock regiments does not give out 22 year presentations unless you are at least Warrant rank. This is way wrong!! A short while ago the LAD guys had a whip round for a Staffy leaving after 22 years service, and the Corps RSM even helped out as much as he could without breaking the rules. Guys from the Regt contributed as well, but the badge refused to change the system.
    Things like that combined with the fact that Corps messes do give out 22 year presentations make it a pot luck system.

    I fully agree that on completion of 22 years service the Corps should recognise your efforts without breaking the bank.

    This debate has been going on for years, and looks set to carry on for a few more yet. The problem is that the guys who ask the questions leave shortly after putting people on the spot and no one carries on the motion when they have left.
  13. Given the thrusting nature of some branches of your Corps, perhaps now is the time to identify a rather ambitious young Cpl and task him with running a nuisance campaign for the next 17 years or until your lot relent and run off a few clip art certificates?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My Regt awards a full sized silver bugle to everyone that makes the 22 mark regardless of rank. I wonder if the new regiment will keep that up , I also wonder if the jackets do something similar? In fact I think I'll go back to me trench!
  15. Recognition?