22 Year Dine Out Menu

Can anyone help out with any decent ideas for a 22 year dine out menu. Short of the soup and the old favourite of beef wellington pretty much out of ideas.
Is it yours, if it is what food do you like? If not, what does the person being dined out like? That is the norm.

I was at one last week, and we had Mexican food because that was the gent in question favorite type of food.

Theme it to the countries in which he has served - a different country for each course and a selection of drinks along the same lines.
Cant wait for the Afghan/Iraq course....
And on the same theme, if you wash it all down with Sarahevsko Pivo, you. Won't have to worry about excess calories staying in your system for long.
Fish and Chips and blow the rest on a lap dancing club!
StickyToffeePudding said:
blow the rest on a lap dancing club!
Wishful thinking, perhaps.
If the chap is a good mate - lots of sprouts. if he is a total arrrse - lots of sprouts.
Dined a fella out of the Mess one night and had the Mess hot plate done up as a fish and chip shop! Staff in white coats and hats,Old newspapers the salt and vinegar stuff all there and you had to go in and order your food duly served in newspaper with the little wooden forks, Baby beets, pickled eggs,onions. great theme and the banter was going from the start.
Starter: none.

Main: Meat and potato pie, mushy peas, chips and gravy. White uncut bread and butter on the table.

Dessert: Jam roll and custard.

Alcohol at table: No wine. Real ales only.
I think that about wraps it up, all good sound choices. I once did a farewell dinner as PMC for a departing OC. Luckily I had a mate in Scotland whose wife was one of the Queen Mums ghillies or whatever they are called. A quick call to Jockland (the far, far North) and a few days later I had a call from Red Star parcels at Sittingbourne station "could I come and pick up a dead deer wrapped in sacking?" I arrived with me van and the fkn beastie was laying on the platform and it was HUGE and complete with antlers, so drove it to Chatenden with its head and antlers sticking out of the back doors of me van. The master chef took charge and the beast was soon in bits and marinading in a secret recipe of Cheeerist knows what. The resulting dining out was superb, but by ferk fish n chips would have been much simpler.

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