22 y/o chippy wanting to join the royal engineers

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by reyno1ds, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. for the past month or so i've been wanting to join the army specifically the royal engineers so my questions are

    what would it be like joining the royal engineers at my age?

    what will I expect when joining?

    what is the general life like?

    i don't care about the wage TBA I want to do something with my life that i can really be proud of and I'm not scared of the hard work it's what I want.
    i am currently employed at a good bespoke joinery company but its so boring and I'm still being treated as an apprentice even though i'm qualified and have 5 years under my belt.
    i know about the infantry side and how it's a big part of what I'll be doing as well but I'm looking forward to that too ( obviously after i apply and pass the required tests).

    thanks for reading.
  2. Not sure this is the section for you. Despite your profession :D

    Anyhow, it would be no dramas for you to join up now, even at 22.

    You will do phase 1, that is a nause but neccesary. At 22 you wont be the oldest, but you wont be the youngest eiter.

    Wages will increase as you go along. Phase 2 is combat engring skills, then you could trade... if you are already a joiner, you you move in to something else that flicks you switch. nowt wrong with getting a good spread.

    Once you hve that you can move on to other skills like diver and/or EOD. Get your driving licences, hazmat etc.
  3. cheers well i would like to stick with carpentry to advance my skill but like you said it would be good to try other trades.

    and also where would i be sent to after phase 1 training and what would i be mostly be doing during my time in the royal engineers?
  4. phase 2 is chatham I think,

    Phase 3 can be in different locations

    ask in the RE forum mate.

  5. I doubt you would advance your skill much, seeing as you have 5 years experience anyway. Why not get a different trade and have another feather in your bow? It makes more sense.
  6. you need to be bang on for RE carpentry, we were told at selections only A's make it through as its such a sought after position so prepare to be open minded about your potential career . PS. i passed with a B (1 mark off an A (FUMING)) and got a 5 month wait for Rsigs .