22 Sigs - Where then ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whitewash, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. It'll never happen

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  2. UK

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  3. Germany (well lets face it - Elmpt)

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  4. One of the many RAF bases soon to be "Vacated"

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  5. Some S**t Hole of a former RLC base in the Midlands

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  6. Colchester - We're always up for a fight

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  7. Aldershot - 'cos its rather empty right now

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  1. OK, so its in Black and White - 22 Sigs to re-form with a FALCON role

    Where ?

    Remember - discussions like these are a major input to policy
  3. Catterick or an RAF camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere
  4. Somewhere oop north. Cos the govt can make loadsacash from selling all our bases in the south.
  5. The real "home of the Corps" - Elmpt :roll:
  6. Lippstadt!!!!!!!

    Oh you cruel cruel man!
  7. ive been informed by a good source it will be topcliffe near thirsk when 40 regt RA move or possibly marne barracks when 5 regt move. either way its one of the arty regts in the north that will make way for 22 sigs
  8. Kirton-in-Lindsey is an ideal place - no hills, trees, large bushes, buildings, people, animals, birds or vehicles to interfere with radio equipment :wink:
  9. Aldershot,

    There are plenty of run down, disused, not maintained properly since they were built in the 50s, would be unfit for habitation in any other walk of life other than the Army, barracks there. :cry: :cry:
  10. chicken_jim wrote

    That is a silly idea. We all know what would happen then. Don’t we.

    Yes that’s right, just after 22 move in, there would be a multimillion Deutschmark, OH sorry, Pound refit of all the old accommodation to ensure it was OH sorry, is up to the SLAM grade 1 physical condition.

    Then 22 would have to leave and the poor suffering illegal immigrants could take over with their extended families and destroy the place, then the Stadt, Oh sorry , local council would claim a new refit from the EU and then sell them off a a Fu*kin massive profit.

    So everybody wins except the singlies - Again.
  11. The rumour, this being a rumour-run site, is that 22 will reform as a Ptarmigan General Support Unit in April '07, eventually changing to FALCON) and it's home is likely to be at RAF Stafford which is in the process, according to the media, of being closed down as the Tactical Supply Wing (TSW) is being relocated to RAF Wittering in Cambridgeshire.
  12. TWAM_MAN, that story is similar to the one I heard, however it might be worth just waiting to see ;-)
  13. RAF Stafford

    You're right Stafford is the place that 22 Sigs will re-form at. Catterick and Topcliffe have no room hence why they are closing the Crabs down at Stafford
  14. Ah, but assuming it does form up at Stafford, what will it provide and who will it report to? - 1 Bde, 11 Bde or even 12 Group ?
  15. Definitely one of them. Probably :)