22 sigs , where are they going to be??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. This is my first post on arrse . I have heard so many rumours and rumblings about 22 sigs being formed , but does anyone have any concrete info on its location??.I have heard that it will be based in norfolk as RAF Coltishall is closing down in the near future .
  2. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    I've heard RAF Stafford...
  3. It will be I believe in the UK, and it will work along the lines of 30 Sigs, if I am wrong, just ignore this Walter :oops:
  4. Co-located with 30 Sigs
  5. Last i heard wasn't 21 getting moved up to nuneaton
  6. I may have made a 'school-boy' error......
  7. Okay so we have established that we don't know where? (I'd heard near Thirsk, nr Catterick!) But does anyone know when it might actually be formed?? Only so I can get my posting preference form in and avoid Blandford!!

  8. Don't quote me but I believe the plan goes a little like this:

    22 Sigs will form as a QGS regiment taking the 3 existing gurkha squadrons(at 30, 21 and 2 sigs) and amalgamating them. The new regiment will be using Ptarmigan and will be co located with 30 Sigs.

    As far as 21 Sigs goes there is a lot of 'on the bus, off the bus' at the moment with the current plan to move to 30 Sigs by 2008.

    This could be, of course, a load of bollox so we will just have to AS AR

  9. this was the last i heard aswell
  10. Having checked I believe that the current plan is for 21 Sigs to co-locate with 30 Sigs, although I am not sure about the QGS part? Due to be in loc by 2009.

    One option (currently) for 22 Sigs is RAF Stafford - but the final decision has not yet been taken, it is part of a much wider review within HQ LAND. 22 Sigs will form with Ptarmigan initially and then Falcon.
  11. So what we're saying is nobody knows where anybody is going to be!!!!!
  12. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    I think it would be safe to say that :lol:
  13. I've heard RAF Stafford mentioned more than a few times; a northern location is seen as preferable as it broadens the geographical options for PPPs.

    It will be a trunk regiment, but I don't know about it being 3 Gurkha Sqns; I doubt very much that this will happen.

    I agree with the 21 Sigs move and timings; the reason is that Bath is just outside the scope/radius of 'large' training areas in the UK, and there is a drive to look at co-locating units in the future a la 7/16/628 in Bruggen.