22 Sigs Stafford?????????? VmB

Just got my posting through and they're sending me out of Bordon to 22 Sigs. Does anyone have any idea what the're like???? I.e. what sort of fleet. General day to day shit. Phys!!!!

Done the usual troll through other than the reformation i've got bugger all and the HIVE is just a little bit ****.

My mate got posted there just after they raised the flag, he didn't last too long though and i think this had something to do with them being fitness fanatics and him being a fat knacker who can barely walk.
Stafford is a smashing town to live in. A huge difference to Bordon. Scalies will be just as good or bad where ever you go.
Stafford's not bad. Our fleet is pretty standard - Rovers, 4 Tonners, Bucher Duros and the new MANs for the most part.

Don't know what the LAD's like though, I'm Signals.

We get a half ten start on a Monday but are supposed to work until 1715 to make up for it and sports afternoons don't start until 1500.

Hope you're fit!
cheers for a info guys. I've been in the factory here for a wee bit too long, phys is the only thing thats kept me sane.
Mate, if you're fit? ........... get fitter the phys here is horrific!!! If not you'll hate it!!

LAD's alright though (a few tubes but its the same anywhere you go)

Stafford is alright (Tuesday is student night)
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