22 Sigs re-forming?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tobie, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. Off the back of "Blandford to close" what about the rumour of 22 Sig Regt to reform in one of these possible locations:

    Kirton Lindsay (now that 22 Air Defence has just disbanded)
    Preston area (unspecified)

    The rumour keeps popping up about 22 being "The Ptarmigan Regt" but with no more substance.

    Any Info?

    True? False? When? Where?
  2. i wouldn't bother, nobody actually knew what they did when they were in existence last time , cept share barracks with gunners :lol: :lol:
  3. Doubt they would reform a (mainly AS) Regiment and at a similar time convert to National Comms or disband two TA AS Regiments (the two Euromux ones).
    What role would they do?
  4. Back in January when i was having a chinwag with the Bde commander, i was asked where i was likely to be posted next after 36 Sigs, when i told him, he mentioned that it might be worth waiting to see what happens with 22 Sigs as it was possibly going to reform in the Catterick area.

    (just thought i would add some more speculation :D )

    And as far as 36 and 40 are concerned and their uncertain future, the decision has been put back for the time being, NC was and i believe still on the cards, however all rumours (but i hadnt heard any) of the 2 regiments disbanding have been stamped on within the units.

    That being said as i was on the rear party that locked the gates on Churchill barracks in Dec 92, i distinctly remember being told early that year that 22 would definitely not be disbanded :D :D :D
  5. 5todo.

    Do they have any plans to retrain the AS Ops to RS Ops? I know of class 1 AS Ops/Tele Op(Sys) (TA/Ex Reg), and they've been told they need to retrain completely and complete a class 1 RS Op (NC) course.

    Has anyone mentioned that all the TA YoS's in 36 and 40 won't meet the criteria for YoS(V) in 2 SigBde, (as they AS Op Yossers and 2 Bde doesn't recognise this trade)
  6. Its an interesting subject, but given that there is only 2 qualified TA YofS within 36 that i know of and both of them were regular i cant see them encountering that problem at the moment.

    The trade restructure did get underway with AS OP's who were expecting to be given a class 2 in trade (and were due it) ended up being given Class 3 HF/NC.

    The most interesting point is that rather than lose people from the lineman side of life, regardless of qualifications or indeed the TSG score they got, they are planning on turning them over to become RS Electricians :D

    (i say that tongue in cheek, because it sort of makes a mockery of the whole TSG requirement anyway)

    Consequently you have got guys in 36 at the moment that having done 6 years and still waiting on getting their class 2 in the Euromux side of life, they are now being retraded to Class 3 RS Ops on the NC side of life with no real idea if they are going to be fast tracked to their class 2
  7. And both of them got to YoS(V) by doing a Rad Op course? I'm sure one of them's 2nd trade is relay.
  8. i wouldnt be able to comment on that as i certainly dont know them that well, in fact one of them has not long joined the regiment and was a regular YofS (and i think a former Regt'l YofS in 36) as far as i know he is just waiting for commissioning, the other i imagine was a DTG back in the old days :) before leaving the Regs and joining the Regiment.
  9. damn, I was hoping they were all TA and a lack of RS Op class 1 would be an issue.
  10. Try an area systems regiment formed from Sqns from 2, 3 Div and 21 Sigs, based in Topcliffe, sometime in the next 3 or 4 years.
  11. I heard the same type of Regt as BOWMAN has pointed out - however location was Catterick (the old RAF Catterick).
  12. Just to add another location.

    The last I heard was that 22 Sigs would be formed in Glencourse near Edinburgh (excellent night out).
  13. I think Bow-man is the closest, certainly with the make up of the Regt. But, the whole Army basing plan post the next re-org is up in the air. That said there is pressure to base the regt as far north as possible. My money is on Topcliffe as Marne Bks(old RAF Catterick) is full of a gunner and log regt. Catterick as we know it is the Infantry ITC and 19 Mech (soon to be light) bde. Driffield will not support a regular regt, Scotland is a maybe but wait and see what happens to the Scottish infantry in the next re-org ( advertised in the Sunday Times last week with the loss of 4 Inf Bns)
  14. u sure ??

    ur discounting the TA so easily, we could do the role (please say what it is)?
  15. No...1 RHF move to Glencorse (former Scottish Division Depot) next year. V. close to Edinburgh, which, as you rightly point out, it a cracking night on the lash. It was my trg depot and an outstanding area (espesh if you're a jock).