22 signal regiment?

Hi all im new to this, im at 11 signal regiment at blandford doing my phase 2 training. I have to decide my posting preferences next week and i am just wondering if anyone knows anything about 22 signal regiment??

I know its a fairly new unit althought i can't seem to find much about it. What is it like for sport as im pretty good at cross country...?

Any info will be much appreciated thank you!!
The CO/CofC psuhes sport a fair bit and there's plenty of opportunity to get away (work depending, obviously). The cross country team must be fairly decent, going by the prizes given out on CO's PT last week.

Work depends on which Sqn/Tp you end up in - there's a massive difference in roles between some of the Tps even within the same Sqn.

The location's alright, the accomodation's a bit shite and no-one's really sure when it will be upgraded because there's not a huge amount of money in the pot. The quarters aren't bad if you're married. Stafford's full of tarts if you're not.
cheers for replys. just been looking at the 22 sigs stick but its a bit old...

is it single accomodation then jimmys? and they are on rotation in afghan so i hear? the falcon side of it sounds pretty good, whats that like?

its either there or 30 signal regiment im thinking! i just needed to know a bit more about 22. cheers for your help

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