22 Sig Regt - All in here please

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by acp290885, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. acp290885

    acp290885 War Hero

    Hi, my Dad was in 22 sigs when they disbanded. He was talking to an old friend of his recently and has heard that they might be reforming, does anyone know if they are? If they are reforming does anyone know how my Dad would be able to attend the ceremony?

    Cheers, acp
  2. Zorro

    Zorro Old-Salt

    Yes, based at RAF Stafford, reforming sometime this year. Not sure about a parade though
  3. acp290885

    acp290885 War Hero

    Thanks Zorro.

    That response was a bit quick, they not keeping you busy today? :D
  4. Zorro

    Zorro Old-Salt

    Not really mate! :)
  5. 22 Sigs = QGS doesn't it ?
  6. cabbage_head

    cabbage_head Old-Salt

    Its not going to be a QGS Regiment but will have a squadron, similar to 2 and 30.
  7. ArmyYid

    ArmyYid Old-Salt

    QG Signals Sqn will 248, currently part of 21 Sig Regt.
  8. Stafford sounds like a great posting. Just off the M6, just North of the toll road. And most importantly, they'll get FALCON, the biggest and best thing about NEC and a godsend for good CIS tradesmen and women. I have seen particularly geeky IS-types getting rather excited when I mention stuff like Cisco routers and Voice Over IP.
  9. polar

    polar LE

    And the TA realising whats going on, are departing for pastures new 8O
  10. darth_fokker

    darth_fokker Old-Salt

    CS, stop it, you will make me want to apply for continuance and a posting!

    Any idea which of the brethren will be taking up the Regt Supvr IS post?
  11. LOL. No idea.
  12. westside

    westside Swinger

    I'm in 222 sig sqn. The sqn that supposed to be forming 22 regiment. And yes, i think it is happening start of next year. Although we hav'nt really been told for sure.
  13. SQN's which will form 22 Sigs are 248, 222 and 217(Which for the older ones amongst us was at York)
  14. DirtyAndy

    DirtyAndy Swinger

    As a loving and loyal member of 248 GSS I am faced with the prospect of moving to Stafford next spring to be part of the new formation of 22 Sigs. Now even though we have been briefed up by our senoirs and officers (of course we have) does anybody have anything to say on the subject, i believe the other 2 sqns are coming from bulford and 2/30 sigs. does anybody know the area as it could be helpfull to know what we are letting ourselves in for, is it going to be another Colerne or could it possibly be even worse, doubtfull
    Living the dream people, living the dream
  15. biscuits

    biscuits War Hero

    Don't know, but a change is supposed to be as good as a rest!! :p