22 SAS port

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Bottle of port from the mess at hereford.

    Anyone not wanting to appear a walt can PM with a bid if need be.
  2. £100
  3. Again what sort of Port and just why do the SAS but their badge on everything they drink, is not that a problem when getting rid of the empties? Bit of a give away what?
  4. Will it still be there the morning after ive bought it or will it sneak on out my house and go off to write many books? :p
  5. It is bottled by Tanners
  6. now that is a beer trophy. you're a brave man Mighty_doh_nut
  7. WTF are you using to take the pics? This maybe?

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  8. I thought the picture was taken with a covert camera to add to the suspense :)
  9. Satalight, shurley
  10. Did you liberate that from Bob Spour's house?
  11. When does this end, A bottle from "them" will be a fine addition to my collection
  12. Did you swindle it from the hands of one of "them", could be a good idea to write a book about the years of planning to pull off such a feat, even if just a year to build up the courage and find a time when one was drunk and looking the other way....yoink 8) :lol:
  13. £110 - but only if Jim Shortt and MDN sign it
  14. MDN, yes, but Mr Shortt, maybe not so easy.............

    It was quite difficult to come across, I still watch very carefully every night and morning out of my windows before high-tailing it to work.

    Heh-ho only a lifetime left :wink:

    Anymore for anymore :?
  15. Will call endex on this at 19:00 this evening