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22 SAS (engraved scotch)

I give you this:

Another (last one) Bottle of Jamesons Scotch engraved with the cap badge of 22nd Regiment SAS with the 'Always a little further' Pilgrims prayer and naughty wings also etched in.

There aren't many of these so lets see it go for a silly amount.

Auction ends Monday19:00hrs can be deivered prior to Christmas.
nottyash said:
airforceone said:
One hundred and twenty-two pounds (see what I did there?!)
That beats me, it was going to be a gift for my brother but at that price - he will have to wait. Congratulations. :excited: :excited: :excited:
Sorry Notty, I'm getting it for a gift too but I reckon it'll go higher and I'll lose out as well.

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