.22 Rifles through the system

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    With the return of our LSWs for A2 conversion, we are no longer able to use the conversion kits and hence cannot use our indoor range.

    Are .22 rifles available through the system, or should we divide the range up into offices for JPA, DII etc?

  2. No8 Enfields are still on the books as current equipment, although i don't know about their actual availability through the system.

    Many/ most units have had to apply for an FAC and obtain rifles privately. This isn't a big hassle, and the rifles are cheap enough.
  3. Cadets still use them as part of thier APC training, worth noting that A1's and L98 (Cadet rifles) can be used with H&K convertion kits on the many .22 ranges still in use, although I was on Longmoor indoor recently, and the roof leaks, its cold, costs a fortune to de-lead the place, etc etc, they might close it to save some £££ and improve the DCCT, still on the unoffical cards though
  4. Duty rumour is that a .22 conversion kit is being looked at, for the A2. I wouldn't hold your breath though.

  5. I heard this one too, though the Q bloke said it was more then a rumour 8)
  6. Each of our sub-units held two Anschutz target rifles in the 1980s (alongside the No.8 rifles that belonged to the cadets); they were purchased from TAVRA funds, AIUI. As Options and SDR hit, these got centralised, until I counted 11 in our armoury.

    I visited one UOTC that had 4 target rifles on its tick; the QM managed to get the range converted into stores (because there was a new range being built for the cadets next door), and four years later another RQMS managed to get the target rifles backloaded because "no-one had used them in two years".

    They're out there, somewhere. It would be a screaming waste to flog them as surplus (these were some low-life rifles worth several hundred quid each, although the eleven I mentioned included some fairly battered old Match 54s) and I suspect that what goes in, can come out - given an appropriate justification.
  7. As the TA comes under the same 'RFCA' umbrella as the cadets, we might be able to bid through the system for one!

    Perhaps we could be put on a waiting list to train with the ATC? :wink:
  8. Biathlon ski teams use Anschutz rifles IIRC there was a loan pool of them in Herford for BFG use, I would imagine this is reciprocated in UK try your skiing officer. Not quite an A1/2 but its better than sod all.
  9. Rumour was that .22 conversion kits for CdtGP would randomly convert them to full auto on occasion..
  10. MSR,

    Best answer will come from the IPT that manages SA. Have PM'd you with a contact.

  11. Utter rubbish, L98 Cadet GP is bolt action.......

    check your facts and return
  12. Except... isn't the H&K conversion kit blowback operated? Hence, no need for gas parts to play their part in the operating cycle.

    I'm assuming that the trigger sear will engage before the bolt has travelled back far enough to collect another round from the magazine... but it's only a short amount of travel.
  13. Very good point, I stand corrected, havent used the .22 conversion since 1996
    However, would the .22 round have enough force to operate the heath robinson style cocking device bolted on to the RHS of the weapon?
  14. When the .22 kit goes into the cadet GP rifle the FOGB c*cking handle is replaced by something a bit more like the one on the A1.

    Did once see one in my spacey days that must have had a duff sear, the lass next to me on the firing point blew away her whole magazine in about a second and a half! Fully automatic .22 in the hands of a spacey on an indoor range, no wonder the RCO looked a bit miffed.
  15. Question? As one who has fired both the SLR and L85A1 with .22" Conversion Kits (differant I know) but left before the Modification of SA80 to L85A2. Why is it the .22" Conversion Kit cannot be used on the A2?