22 Regt Reunion

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 223335spog, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Heard rumours that there is a reunion being planned for October this year. ANyone confirm/deny this?
  2. I have heard that it is on the 7th October at Kirton. Accomodation has been organised within the camp, only a maggot required.
    Further details have been posted in the Gunner magazine.
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Is this only open to Gunners, or can attached Arms who have served with the Regiment attend also?

    I wouldn't mind paying a visit to sunny Kirton again, if anyone has any details can they PM me?
  4. It is a Regimental reunion, so i would imagine that it applies to all arms
  5. I spent 3 happy years at Kirton with 16/22. The George was my prefered pub but Henry Africa's on a Thirsday was always a laugh
  6. Or as the truth would have it....

    Drain Sniffer could be seen in the back corner of Henry Africas fingering off a fat burd every Thursday. :D
  7. skitz are in 42 at the moment
  8. She wasnt fat, she had a thyroid problem............
  9. Will the young lady in this thread be going to the reunion, do you think?

    If she is, I might be able to make it along to sunny KiL. :D
  10. I left way back in '90........I heard of the reunion through Taff D, who heard it off Buns T. I then passed the info' onto Geordie G.
  11. i dont think i'll be able to make the reunion as at 1div but i'll be on excercise in sennelager i think on that date 'gutted' really wanted to go oh well i'll catch the next one when ever that will be
  12. aye i know her dunno what bty she was in but i know she went and worked up in the stables
  13. Is there anybody else goin', Or am i getting pizzed on my own?