22 Regt RA Disbandment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by UK_MAD_FER_IT, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Word on the street is 22 Regt RA are no longer Disbanding they are amalgamating within other RA Regts hence keeping all 4 fighting batteries titles.
  2. mfi
    word on what street? personally i think all AD should be binned, two words - air superiority !! :lol:
  3. have air defence ever fired at aircraft in anger since falklands ?
    I mean at an enemy not taken potshot at crabs or teeny weenie airways
    though good show if you have :D
  4. Apparently there is a move afoot to make AD 'joint' a la JNBCR.
  5. Trouble with that is that we will suddenly find all the AD protecting airfields and us footsloggers will be left naked.
  6. And the RAF Regt........?
  7. if it wasnt for the Air Defence Regiments the Falklands war would have been a lot worse
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Exactly how many Argies did the cloud punchers splash in '82?
  9. Well my friend to your question about kills for AD in the Falklands "T" Battery 12 AD Regt had 14 confirmed kills alone www.britains-smallwars.com/Mac/ so if it awsnt for AD my friend it would have been a lot worse for the boys on the ground.
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I'm not your friend but I'll take the bollocking for being an ignorant tosser. Good scores.
  11. Notwithstanding some mad man called Reg getting out of his trench an knocking some Argie in a French plane out of the sky...some one did hit a funnel on the QEII. Good shooting that!! As for the Shah's troop 14 sounds a bit high, but I'll go with it. More important though is that the Btys of 22 Regt will remain, if only in name...by the time 7 get all the ball players and the Cdo's fight over 20 Bty what will be left? My money's on 5th getting at least 1. Who's got room for another??? FPF - Out
  12. Well this is what a mate of mine in 22 says (well they think whats happening) 140 odd are going to 32, a bty 53 is going to 5 with name and bodies, 20 bty is going to 16, the rest of the bty names are being put into subspended animation. well thats what he says.
  13. Correct,

    The important thing is that all of the heart of the Regt, i.e the soldiers, are not being lost.

    Posting orders will be out in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

    TheRegt taking over the recruiting area, will not call themselves the 'welsh gunners' cos not enough taffs.

    Lets face it. Unpalatable as it may seem, Army AD is a bit player compared to what the RN and RAF can do.

    Objectively, we should move to a joint force asap. Certainly that is the way that the wind is blowing with joint GBAD trg etc.
  14. Hmmmm - mobilising TA all over the place 'cos we're short of troops and disbanding Regular Regiments at the same time.

    This must be the government that wanted edukashun edukashun edukashun.
  15. If we never use AD we should bin it or go joint.

    It’s a shame they have to cut the best-recruited regt in the Gunners. Still it doesn’t have to make any sense for the army to do it