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.22 pistols has the law changed then?

brighton hippy said:
was having an idle read of target sports and saw several adverts for .22 free pistols so has the law changed then?
or has somebody found a work around?
long barrels and mahoosively long counterweights.
are you talking about air pistols?

if you are .... http://romsey.archant.net/airgun/changes/newsletter.html

Young Guns and the Law
Teenagers can continue to shoot their airguns, unsupervised
2003-06-13 The Government has announced a U-turn on its original proposals under the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill being put forward by the Home Secretary.

Initially, the Bill had proposed to raise the age limit at which young people can shoot their airguns unsurpervised, from 14 to 17 - but in a significant move after much campaigning by pro-shooting groups, the Government has now included an amendment to the Bill which allows teenagers aged between 14 and 17 to continue to shoot their airguns, without supervision on private land (and where they have permission to shoot). This means you can carry on shooting on farmland and in your garden.

Air Gunner and Airgun World welcome this amendment. It allows the vast majority of young airgunners - who, the evidence shows, are highly responsible - to enjoy their sport while giving the authorities much more scope to prosecute the tiny minority who criminally misuse airguns.

The amendment will also introduce a new offence making it illegal to fire an airgun pellet beyond the boundaries of the land on which you have permission to shoot.
no there were live single shot .22 free target pistols FAC needed without looking like a complete bodge job thats what struck me as weird I post the details if I can find them


You can have silly long pistols and Westlake makes a target muzzleloader which is strange but almost useful. I cant see the scum (politicians) backing down over the ban sadly!
The VCR hasjust put Battle Orders out of business, I understand licensing was causing problems!

Dear Valued Customer
In my 35 years as Managing Directors of Battle Orders, this is the most difficult letter I,ve had to write. Battle Orders will cease trading by early in 2009 or once stocks are cleared. Its a bitter blow for me and I'm sure many a customer such as yourself. I believe you deserve an explanation. Its not the Credit crunch, thats's difficult of course for us all. Business remains reasonably steady here at Battle Orders. Its quite simply the Law or Actually the "LAWS". Over the past few years so many laws been put in place and vigoriously applied. The effect is catastrophic for legitimate businesses such as Battle Orders. We've being asked, in effect,to police and take responsibility for individuals who wish to circumvect and break these Laws. Frankly here at Battle Orders we,re just not able to do this with any certainty that we are not also breaking the Law. So sadly its time to cease Trading. Battle Orders plan an orderly retreat. No new stock as of October 2008 is being purchased As it sells, the stock will not be replaced. So it really is a case of First Come First and Finally Served!! So whatever your interest is I suggest you try and buy it now. Finally and simply thank you for you custom and good luck in the future with your chosen hobby.

Graham Barton (Battle Orders Ltd MD)


The Violent crime reduction act. 2006 commenced with section 36 dealing with the import and selling of realistic imitation firearms on the 1st of October 2007. What does it mean to you . There are several DEFENCES& EXEMPTIONS . Let me assure you if you have bought a replica gun before the first of October 2007 you can own it legally. However from the first of October 2007 Battle Orders can supply replica guns with a design dating before 1870 [this covers most of the western guns] other models will have to be painted in bright colours. For example: the Luger P08 picture shown here is our original replica brightly painted in yellow. we can supply television, films and organizations such as re-enactment societies & if you are a member of a re-enactment society you will be able to to buy the guns in the original finish. The complete Act runs to many pages and can be viewed at www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2006/ukpga obviously here at Battle Orders we have done much research including contacting lawyers so that we can continue with our 35 years plus business.Sadly its just impossible to continue. In essence if we are offering items on our website you can buy them in complete confidence that they are legal for you to buy and own providing you give evidence of your exemption status & of course that you are over 18.WE EXPECT TO CEASE TRADING BY EARLY IN 2009.
Graham Barton (MD Battle Orders Ltd)


IT'S THE LAW (Reference #GUN LAW)
If you order any of the guns on our website marked V.C.R. in the original advertised finish, you must be an Airsoft Skirmisher, Re-Enactor from all or any periods, theatres and theatre groups, television and film companies, museums and galleries.security, military. If you don't fall within these categories, please order the gun in a bright yellow finish. If you purchase in the original finish you must provide proof of your exempton your details will be kept on record and you are confirming it is legal for you to buy the gun and that you are over 18. Its important for you to know that this law is confusing and very difficult for all of us to understand. So please be aware here at Battle Orders we will have to get confirmation from you as to your exemption group and ask you to provide proof. It will slow the process of dispatch so i apologise for any delay. It is all of our own best interest and again it is only as a Battle Orders customers buying direct from us that we can be sure your subscribing to the law.

Of course, if you have any questions, here at Battle Orders we will do our best to answer them, or you can contact the Home Office on 020 70354848 for further details or visit their website at www.opsi.gov.uk



One of the guns in the picture above is illegal. No prizes for guessing which one!, Under the new Violent Crime Reduction act the pump action de-activated shotgun is legal to buy and own Providing your over 18. The flower vase in the shape of the colt 45 automatic is illegal to buy and own unless you come within defences of the VCR Act. That being a re-enactor, theatre, movie company, security, military or police use. The gun vase shown is not the right size for a defence which is basically credit card size. Neither is it the designated bright colours required by the VCR Act. Battle Orders make no comment on this merely point out that this at the moment is a law which as a company we must subscribe to & frankly we cant . We hope you as our customer understand the difficulty we had in supplying you within the constraints of this new law. sadly BATTLE ORDERS WILL CEASE TRADING BY EARLY 2009.
Battle orders link
Now this is a silly act especially as the drimes were already covered under several other acts but as usual Plod and CPS were unable to prevent crimes as criminals generally dont worry about laws.
New Labour New unworkable laws that only punish the law abiders!
Edited to add they still have a metal replica GPMG! :wink:
Quite a few guys who I shoot with use long barrel revolvers. The counterbalance weight looks naff though. Take a look on guntrader under pistol lbr then 38/357
I think the new Labour gun laws are wonderful, beforehand the streets were unsafe due to bands of undisciplined trigger happy lunatics who couldn't wait to pop a cap up someones ar'se. Now the bands of undisciplined trigger happy lunatics who can't wait to pop a cap up someones ar'se, are at least easy to recognise, they all wear police uniforms.
ugly said:
The VCR has just put Battle Orders out of business
No doubt its having the desired effect then...

We've being asked, in effect,to police and take responsibility for individuals who wish to circumvect and break these Laws
a worrying trend that can be seen in other businesses like alcohol and even food (fat tax?) - blame everyone and anyone other than those directly responsible for any problems
There was a mention a while back of a .22 pistol that was 'outside' of the definition of the law because it was a muzzle loaded weapon.

Basically they use the normal .22 rimfire but they remove a section of the barrel to load it and then re-insert the section...I'm not sure how 'legal' they are but it was mooted as a method for pistol target shooters to continue training in the UK.



The HO has agreed to allow olympic pistol shooters to keep their guns at home, a list of team hopefuls has been submitted and variations ar5e in the pipeline!
thats from the HBSA report.
cernunnos said:
I think the new Labour gun laws are wonderful, beforehand the streets were unsafe due to bands of undisciplined trigger happy lunatics who couldn't wait to pop a cap up someones ar'se. Now the bands of undisciplined trigger happy lunatics who can't wait to pop a cap up someones ar'se, are at least easy to recognise, they all wear police uniforms.
Labour have banned .22LR single-shot pistols, and all airguns using the air cartridge system.
The Conservatives banned full bore pistols, SLRs, and brought in various laws on shotguns.

I believe the Conservatives were responsible for the airgun power limit, and fully automatic ban, but I have not regarded the dates in some time.
Hard-line conservative style law enforcement has just as little time for shooting sports as the liberal centre-left I'm afraid...

It did not stop a few picking some prized articles from the pistol ban confiscations however. :wink:


.22 lr pistols are no longer banned, variations are being drafted for the 2012 Olympic squad. The bad news is that it is pretty much a closed list and that is bad and wrong for so many reasons, no one will get onto the list pretty much until someone dies and then only if they have kissed the correct committees arsses!

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