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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ATrotter96, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys just wondering im 22 years old now if I join now what kibd of pension will I receive if I do full service and will the retirement age for army go up in 15+ years time? Thanks for any advice appreciate it
  2. Pension depends on you're rank when you leave.

    22 too old? Depends on you, as a person, and your fitness.

    Wait out whilst I build a time machine to travel 15 years into the future.

    My advice is sit down for 5 minutes before you ask more stupid questions. Ask yourself: can someone on the internet really answer this, before pressing the button.
  3. OMFG, he's from frigging Catford, that's it, I'm moving now!!!!!
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  4. Just as well I don't live in Hither Green any longer!
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  5. Does it matter? What other plans did/do you have? Not that many as you are now 22 and only now seem to be considering the forces as a career idea... The pension will no doubt be one of the best so stop procrastinating and get on with it. Worry about the other things in 22 yrs if you get to the end.
  6. He wants to join the Infantry, and you use a word like "procrastinating" in your response....

    You jack **** :)
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  7. Are you here for the night PA?