22 (Gibraltar 1779 -1783) Battery RA Serving Members?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LBdr_Pigshagger, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. I have just recieved a letter from the Battery Commander informing me that 22 Bty are holding a Reunion/Sortie Day Parade on Friday 24th November 2006.

    As an ex-member of the Battery, could a senior serving member possibly tell me if it would be OK to post the full itinerary on this forum?

    I have tried to contact the BSM by telephone, but at the moment, I'm not having a lot of joy.

    I am loathe to re-print the full letter without permission, but am in regular contact with many other ex-members who have changed addresses.

    By all means feel to PM or email me on harlows_finest@hotmail.com to confirm my Battery 'credentials'

    Many thanks,

    Former L/Bdr 'Skerrit' (nickname, Mods)
  2. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Sure. Although please remember PERSEC and OPSEC when posting your eply :)
  3. It's not my intention to appear pedantic or ignorant here, but I thought that it was 21 Bty, not 22. Or is there a 22 Bty with exactly the same battle honour?
  4. There are 5 Btys that hold the same honour title

    5, 19, 21, 22 and 23

    It commemorates the role played by those Btys during the Great Siege

    Those that cry that 19 and 5 Bty are the same, they split fairly recently and 19 Bty has been reformed as part of 26 Regt and of course is the Senior Bty (of the RA before you donkey wallopers pipe up)
  5. From the BC:


    1. THe 2006 22 (Gibraltar 1779-1783) Battery RA All Ranks Reunion will be held at 32 Regiment RA, Roberts Barracks, Larkhill and will take place on Friday 24th November 2006. I hope very much that you will be able to attend.

    2. The format for the day is as follows:

    a) Op TELIC Medal and Sortie Day Parade We shall start off with an Op TELIC medal and Sortie Day parade at 1100hrs on the Regimental square in Roberts Barracks where those soldiers who recently deployed to Iraq will recieve their campaign medal after which we shall celebrate the Battery honour title of Gibraltar 1779 -1783

    b) Curry Lunch All those on parade and their familes and friends along with friends of the Battery will be invited to join us for a curry lunch at 1230hrs in the Junior Ranks Mess in Roberts Barracks.

    c) All Ranks Reunion In the evening an All Ranks Reunion will be held from 1930hrs in Roberts Barracks.

    If any ex-member of the battery wants further details, feel free to PM me, but the rest of the letter basically outlines that there is no accomodation available within the barracks and that costs for the ARR and the lunch has not yet been confirmed.

    Parking will be available, and there will be a shuttle bus available from Salisbury Railway Station to Larkhill.

    Anyone that didn't recieve a letter needs to let the BSM know if they are attending by 6th October at the latest.
  6. Sorry for the bump, just moving this back up so a few ex-members I've managed to get in touch with can find it...