Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dml87, May 10, 2006.

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  1. who make it up and where are they from
  2. Where are you from is the pressing question!!!! That DML in your name isnt the nuclear port is it. Thats frightening.
  3. i getting attached to them on telic 8 in slb, just wanted to get a heads up
  4. can be a clicky unit, if you're not part of the cadre staff then you're not part of the team. well that was my experience in '99 anyway. could have changed.
  5. im being attached as top cover
  6. Top cover for what!!!! The cadre probably are clicky looking in from the outside, but that is because day to day whilst not on tour they are working and living together, like any normal unit. As a reinforcement firstly your not there mates prior to the tour and afterwards will go back to your own unit. The perception is that maybe your loyalty to the unit isn't equal to theres. They have ways and routines and the reinforcements "interfere" with that. Its human nature to resist change. So yes your probably right they are in a clique but that is natural. The benefits of that of course is they will provide the backbone, knowledge and structure to the unit. Fd Hosp are unique in the way they work. 100 strong in piece and upto 550 staff+200 casualties/patients on a full deployement. someone has to provide the C2 for the reinforcements. Its fair to say 202 TA had a miserable time on Telic 1 without a structured backbone of a cadre.
  7. I worked with 22 Fd Hosp on a couple of occasions, and they were fine. Helpful before (during the buildup and pre-deployment trg), friendly during the deployment - making people feel part of the unit, and they invited individual reinforcements to a party a while after we returned. I'd be happy to work with them again.
  8. 22 Fd Hosp are a good bunch as far as I can tell - have not worked with them, but know some of the key personnel - CO is a top bloke, Ops Offr, Adj and RQMS are good guys and the RSM is the RSM - my impression is that he is firm but fair.
  9. Not like the last bloke then!!!!! :lol:
  10. 22 Fd Hosp cream of the RAMC Fd Hosps, great unit (well most of the time), been with them on a few Ops and as previously posted on the forum its a unit that works bloody hard but then parties hard as well
  11. I was told they were a RAF medic unit
  12. is this a wah? when did the RAF start having field hospitals these days?
  13. have you served with any of the others?
  14. RAF Tac Med Wg are providing the Hospital Sqn, and 22 Fd Hosp will be in overall charge of UK Med Gp - if you are doing top cover you will probably be attached to whoever is providing the blue light matrix.
  15. Since the Army have been unable to fully staff a Fd Hosp for quite some time both the RN and RAF have provided staff. Not forgetting, of course, the civilian nurses, such is the state of QA manning in some specialities.

    This time the RAF are providing the majority of personnel and so they are commanding the hospital unit.