22 Engr Regt LAD REME, Perham Down

Discussion in 'REME' started by milkybarkid31, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im quite new to the site and having been through the best/worst units, 22 Engrs comes up quite often.
    i would just like to say i was there 2004-2006, i arrived whilst the unit was on Op Telic 4. When the regt returned from Ops, it was a good laugh, great guys always out in Andover on a thurs night and the CoC was not bad, although some bugles did exist though.
    Yes it is in a pretty pump location, especially if you live up north, however the positive attitude of the guys made it a good unit. especially of the hardcore element who would remain for the weekend routine of getting urinated up.
    Don't know what its like now but just before i departed, the OC changed and although the top corridor became female orientated the result was not bad.
    The fat badgers were not to ****, although the outgoing CO did turn his office into an OP looking for people entering camp without seatbelts on and not wearing headress.
    The LAD enjoyed the routine and we were a fit LAD bearing in mind the equipment we supported.
    anyone wish to comment :?:
  2. Would this be the very same 22 Engr Regt that shared Napier Barracks, Dortmund with 12 Engr Regt back in the late 80s?
  3. The giveaway is in the title, 22 Engr Regt in a Gunner Garrison, I think not, in fact I know not as I served with 19 Fd across town.