22 and a dodgy out call

can anybody help. i was due out on the 17 sep 2007 but had surgery on my knee on the 6 jun 2007 as a result i had a 6 month rehab timeframe so the army said we will extend you 6 months. The army have paid me 17 days pay for september and paid my gratuity into my bank a week later at the lower comute rate. I havent had a release medical and am still on rehab nor did i have an interview or signed any release paperwork. The people in glasgow said i should have had the surgery done on the nhs when i left but when i went sick with my knee 2 1/2 years ago i was told it wasnt a knee problem but depression. Some f@@k up but what gives glasgow the right to question me after 22 years and 11 operational tours. IS IT LEGAL WHAT THE ARMY DONE AND CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH NUMBERS OR ADVICE. i am not looking at individuals within the system as my current unit are full of proffesionals and the co is a man who i would defend to the last im just pissed off at the system


I suppose a few questions immediately spring to mind.

1. Do you have any confirmation in writing that you are extended for six months past your 22 year point?

2. Have you spoken to your current (or former) unit?

I don't mean to show anything but respect for the service you have given but from what you write I cannot help but think that you are now a civvy, and Glasgow also thinks you have just left. Your treatment may have been less than straightforward, but you have been in for 22 years. Have you not prepared for the transition from 'in' to 'out'?

Good luck!
Similar thing happended to me. I had to extend by 7 weeks which I did last year. All paperwork signed, stamped, received by RAO/Glasogw, then the fluckers at JPA dischargde me 7 weeks early meaning no pension!

I had to get my old unit to send copies of terms of service paperwork etc to JPA and mostly, due to the efficiency of my RAO Dept, I got this corrected within 2 weeks. I now have the correct grant and am getting pension.

What basically happens was that on changeover to JPA your new discharge date does not get amended on JPA, even if you have acknowledgements etc from Glasgow.

dont understand one thing though - were you given 6 months extra service past September 2007? Suggest you got back to your RAO, they appear to be the only one's who can do anything in my case.
i was doing resetlement but couldnt finalise it. The reason for the extension was because of a knee op and the rehab is 6 months. I just have to finnish my corgi test which is 3 days but with the 6 month extension i was getting there was no hurry. The army have signed me on for 4 months which is a bonus but i didnt think they could do all the admin type stuff without signitures and final interviews especially when your on the sick. Regards moose
Cheers Bull it all makes sense now with the dreaded JPA. Thats all i wanted, just to know how and why this could have happened. Thanks for the information. Regards Moose
Bull if you can provide paperwork get your shinies to spk directly to the Termination Cell at APC. Fax paperwork to Termination Cell who will confirm with MCM Div that it is correct. Once confirmed they will arrange a reverse termination. It is probable that your date has not migrated to JPA.

We had someone with the same problem this month and Termination Cell sorted it out in a day.

Good luck.

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