21st Signal Regiment

Is 21st Signal Regiment worth going to?

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Can anyone tell me what it's like to serve with 21st Signal regiment (Air Support)?

Thanks in advance


Depends on your trade, innit.


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Regiment went down the sh1tter when it left Wildenrath
Alsacien said:
the_guru said:
Regiment went down the sh1tter when it left Wildenrath
It was already floating in the bowl - the move just pulled the flush IIRC
You are clearly not including the excellent 2 Sqn in that ( otherwise fair ) comment....



Or Roetgen Detachment, the best part of 21, as it was miles away !!


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I thought 21 Sigs was excellent but that was......12 years ago :eek: Great location and good bunch of blokes although there were loads of bone exercises. Red Baufighter, Lead Baufighter etc etc. Do they still go on ?


left there 3 months ago its alright decent bunch of lads, nice location. If you want tours they have permenant comitments in HERRICK and TELIC. the're is annual Ex in morroco, norway and belize.


RABC said:
Or Roetgen Detachment, the best part of 21, as it was miles away !!
Arrrrghh. Spent a week there on guard once. Size of a football pitch. Bored to death but at least they gave us live rounds to play with. Probably so old they wouldn't have fired though.

Out of interest, 21 Sigs at Wildenrath was considered one of the best postings ever in the early 70's. Great place!


I understand 244 became part of 21 Sigs - is the squadron still allowed to use the Red Hand emblem ?

Those were the days - A Troop 244 - best posting of my career - Brize Norton 1984-88; a great place to be based - no guards, RAF wouldn't have us on the gates so hardly any duties - on exercise 200+ days a year, all over the world (or Europe anyway), and the added bonus of irritating the shit out of 249 !!

Happy days !


D Troop ? Effin MAOT's !!

Actually I did the Hele Handler Course myself and even spent a few weeks at Upavon covering when sone D Troop lads were subjected to a Squadron exercise somewhere (poor sods).

Even got to go to Chequers when Maggie Thatcher came back from a tour of the Police Stations involved in the Miner's Strike.

Interesting job but I still preferred A Troop / AMF(L).
I was at 21 from 2001 to 2003 and had a fantastic time. Location is outstanding and if you dont bugger off home every weekend Bath and Bristol are fantastic on the lash. Especially during freshers week.

One downside of it though is it's a bloody expensive area. I'm still paying off some of my debts from there. It was worth it though.


And no trou de Cul Walter Mitteys who say they served with 216 or 264 this site is for old mates to contact each other not dicks calling other people hats


I was at 21 Sigs in Wilders in the early 70's and it was pretty good then.....it might have changed now though ! !
I was at N troop G├╝tersloh '81-'83 and then K troop Wilders '85-'87. Some excellent times, some great lads.

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