21st party soldier was killed for gold chain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Another example of a totally pointless death, and this time death of a hero.

  2. A land fit for heroes.....
  3. They have a suspect. IF found guilty i hoipe he gets a real shoeing in Jail!

  4. I hope the charge is murder, he had a gun, good enough display of intent... You don't carry a fire arm intending not to use it.

  5. Er no, not shared by all. If he is evil, we are more evil....... and more likly to be quoted outside ARRSE as a bunch of raving, homicidal psychopaths. Bad enough that we already have politicians calling us psychologically flawed without us providing ammunition to justify it.
  6. The offender is no doubt on drugs, from a deprived area and a broken home. Good lawyer and he will get off with manslaughter, good behaivour out in 6.

    And they say theres no justice!
  7. You have a lovely respectable gentleman who fights for queen and country , Then you have this thug who does this to him

    This is what makes me cry

    I hope if they find this thug guilty they lock him up and throw away the key
  8. R.I.P Narel Sharpe
    To rob a dead or dying person is sick in the extreme. The tragedy is that this gentleman bravely fought for what was rightfully his after surviving two dangerous deployments with the army. The murderous coward who carried out this attack is nothing more than the lowest form of scum and deserves to be treat as such.
  9. Yeah, it'll probably been robbery with aggravated manslaughter. Unfortunately
  10. I'm just sat here wondering when the usually vocal individuals are going to get involved in this thread , or say something meaningful.

    I can't imagine why they've been so quiet up until now , after all , it is a British soldier robbed and murdered in the street.
  11. Maybe words don't express the revulsion most of us feel at this incident.

  12. Yeah, hangin's too good for the likes of him. It's a good kick in the arrse he needs.
  13. Waiting until you log off? :D Or, and I hope this isn't the case, we've had so much to take in these last few weeks with the new level of depravity that society has reached that we're desensitised to the absolute horror of this act..... :(

  14. Killed for a gold chain. "A bit of bling" Thats the way it goes in todays Britain. I hope the tw@t who committed this dies cold and alone in a cellar full of dogsh!t.
  15. Such is britain. /cue the "he came from a broken home" news reports.