21st May Pirbright

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jondelar, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked but has anyone else of this have selection at Pirbright on said date?
  2. Think i might be mate as i had my interview monday he said he was putting me for selection straight away and should be going adsc within 2-3 weeks waiting for a letter to confirm will let you know buddy.
  3. Im there on July 7th mate. End of a VERY long wait!
  4. how long you been waiting mate and did they explain y it took that long?
  5. I started my application in February 2007 and start basic in July 2008.

    There are a number of reasons for this though. The first is that I was reffered for 3 months as I had just finished physio for torn ankle ligaments after coming off my motocross bike (not a good start). They put me on a 3 month training plan and I returned 3 months later. After this my application progressed and I went for selection in July 2007. Passed without any hitches but was told I faced quite a lengthy wait due to my job choice (REME Air Tech). Didnt get my date untill Feb 2008 and start July 2008.

    All I would say is keep regular contact with your recruiting office. Also the time really does fly by, I have waited for 18 months and it has come around so quickly.

    What is your job choice?
  6. Im going royal engineers c3 systems cant wait now just one step away i waited 4 months for adsc doctors to clear me for selection now the balls rolling my recruiting staff are kind of rushing things for me did my interview monday he said im putting you in for selection asap within 3 weeks so shouldnt be too long i hope anyway i bet you cant wait now can you joining date getting well close?
  7. Definitely looking forward to it. Has come around really quickly and a few nerves are starting to kick in. Cant wait though!

    Keep us posted on your application.
  8. will do mate should get my date for ADSC in the next couple of days what is your 1.5 mile time and pull ups and stuff im doing 1.5 miles 10.13 mins, pull ups 6, press ups 45 in 2mins, sit ups 67 in 2 mins?
  9. Pirbright 22nd May, i'm with the chicks, But I will be there on wednesday when you lot are finishing as i'm coming from overseas.

    All the best mate
  10. With the girls you say? Lucky man, tho I suppose you wont exactly be seeing them at their best aha

    right this next week will be fairly heavy training sessions with a rest on tuesday to get me ready
  11. DanJJardim, would that be the 7th of july mate? im starting basic then too.
  12. ....erm I am a chick...so I guess I will be one of them "not looking their best" :) See you in the cookhouse!
  13. Yes Matt_Brewer. July the 7th, Ill be there! Looking forward to it. Whats your job choice? Have you been waiting long?
  14. well i applied october so a fair while mate. my first job choice is gunner special observer. yours? im excited and nervous cant wait though.
  15. REME Aircraft Tech. Really looking forward to it now and at the same time becoming slightly anxious. Think it is going to go really quickly looking at example schedules.