21st century Watt Tyler..or fckn loon?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by arbogrunt, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. what do you make of this fella?


    He's declared a one man rebellion against the 'traitorous government' as per the Magna Carta 1215.....crack on mate! :D
  2. I reckon a walt in civilian clothing and complete and utter loon - Quote from the page:

    Public Defenders are their for you, the people of Britain. It is our pleasure to help and serve you, as we will do the job your local MP’s are meant to do. For to long the people of this country have had to put up with this intolerable situation, now is the time for this to come to an end, and end it will. The most powerful people in this country are us, the people, the government profess to be the most powerful entity but they are our servants and we must all realize this. And also the MP's themselves have to realise this. Being elected is about helping and serving the people who entrust this power to them, when they elect them, that is why they are called Civil Servants. Defenders are your servants and will serve you with all their abilities and resources for that is what they have sworn to do.

    The defenders Oath:

    As a defender.

    I swear a Loyal Oath to my Queen, my country and the people of my country that I will always defend them. I swear to uphold the rights of the people and defend them. I swear to be loyal to my Queen, my country and its people. I swear to protect the weak, the old and anyone who cannot protect themselves. I swear to put my Queen, my country and the people before myself - so help me god.
  3. At least he is willing to make a stand, unlike the many blow hards on here who may knock him!
  4. I reckon he'd be a good subject for a documentary.
  5. just had a look at the bill of rights bit and fcukin loved this bit:

    Europe be damned!
  6. Of course he is right.
    Its been said many times elsewhere that Brown is guilty of Treason by signing the Lisbon Treaty, its not a matter of interpretation its a simple fact.
    Whats worse is that every single one of our elected representatives are ignoring it (presumably because they like the gravy train they are on).
    The Bill of Rights also grants us the right to bear arms, its where the Americans derived their right to do so from.
    The basic rights of the people of this country have been pished upon by Parliament for years
    I don't hold out any hope of this bloke making any impact at all but it doesn't change the fact that theman is absolutely right both morally and legally
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good on him I say. If these laws are applicable today, then perhaps others should take up arms to defend the sovereignty of Her Maj's Kingdom against all assailants, both without and within - Labliar being the enemy within.
  8. Ahhh well, thats where it gets complicated.
    These laws are as valid today as the day they were written, its just that Blair and Brown think there opinion is/was more important.
    I'm no legal boffin but as far as I can understand it (and our man in the link) changes ar atempts to change the fundemental rights set out in Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights are not legal.
    Infact as far as I can tell (and I would be very happy for a legal type to correct me) changing any of the rights set out in the Magna Carta or the Bill of Rights effectively removes the legal right of Parliament to govern, as in they are both either upheld or cease to be legal, it is these very documents that grant the right to govern to Parliament, overturn them and that right goes with it.
    Regardless, Brown is guilty of Treason, No wonder he intends to remove the Treason Act is it?
  9. Good on him. It is a scandal to remove/alter our sovereignty without a referendum.
  10. If you read his website and blogs he's declared war on just about everything

    TV Licence = Treason
    Bailiffs = Treacherous
    Tax = Treason
    BBC = Treasonists
    EU Policy = not legal therefore Treasonistish
    All those who pay tax = Treasonistas
    etc etc etc

    Good on him.......although I think he is wired to fcukin moon if he thinks he can take on that bunch of treacherous cnuts in Westminster. Saying that he's scored a few goals against them so far!
  11. But when has upholding established law and process bothered the bunch of shysters that currently sit on the Cabinet? They just change it at whim, ignoring public opinion.

    Perhaps it's time to reconsider that "Very British Coup".
  12. The legal right of the current bunch of shysters to make these changes is somewhat in doubt.
    Non of it changes the fact that Brown is guilty of Treason, even once he manages to get rid of the Treason Act he will still be guilty of it.
    It is my fervent wish that he is brought to justice and he hangs for it. There is no room for forgiveness for what he has done to this country.
  13. With you 100%, though I would personally insist that Mr, & Mrs, Blair hang from the same beam.
  14. The Magna Carta in the sense that it states parliamentary sovereignty hasn't been violated, as almost by defintion it can't be. Parliament would only be handing over sovereignty if it ceased to exist - any notional control it hands over is at the whim of Parliament, to be given or taken as it sees fit.

    To put it another way, all you anti-EU types need to see the EU as a big evil computer - forever growing and becoming more complex. The problem for the EU though is that no matter how how big and complex it gets, it is still plugged in to the mains. To kill it, all Parliament would have to do is flick the wall switch.