21st Century Spartans - US Army passing out parade speech

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Dog-faced-soldier, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Take a look on the parade field ladies and gentlemen, … take a long hard look. What you see standing out there is representative of the noblest strata of our society. These new Infantrymen and their trainers are America’s 21st Century Spartans. They are now a small segment of our population that guard our national wall of defense, and as arrogant as this may sound, it’s what makes them better than the average young man. Not better in a materiel, snide or arrogant sort of way, but better as it relates to doing something versus hanging out in a coffee shop talking and criticizing. Anyone can talk about what should be done in any given moment, but most won’t do anything about it. You see it every day on your television screens, all sorts of so-called ‘experts’, with great sounding titles and articles that have been published. They’re always ready to give advice, but never ready to pick up a rifle, ruck up and close with the enemy. For my money, there are two kinds of men that walk the earth; men of action and all others (applause). Hooah. What stands before you are men of action.” - LTC Randolf White Jnr
  2. Hmmm....what else were the Spartans famous for?
  3. Leather underpants.
  4. Fighting lions and other such animals with big sticks. Oh and wearing flip flops when they did it! :)
  5. Slave keeping homos .Speech wasen't made in the deep south was it ? :D
    Spartan myth is all very well but start to dig even slightly into the truth of their society and it seems a bit nuts but then guess they would see our society as nuts .
  6. So these infantrymen and their trainers are going to leave their new-born babies out overnight on a hillside to see if the Gods have chosen them for survival?

    Or are they just going to sod off down the nearest McDs for a mid-morning super-size?
  7. I didnt post it to discuss the Spartans. I thought it was rather a good speech, particularly the bit about being a soldier being better than being a fat useless civvy cnut.
  8. particularly the bit about being a soldier being better than being a fat useless civvy cnut.

    I agree with that. What i hate are the armchair generals down the pub who according to them could sort out the afghan problem on their own with a machine gun and a few grenades.

    Move over Rambo.

  9. or as spoken in other words

    Ladies and Gentlemen please look at the fine body of men and women over there, soon to be bodies of men and women!!
  10. If you didn't give a stuff about the politics, the international relations and the domestic outcry, yes of course you could sort out the Taliban with "a few grenades and a machine gun" (=a lot of CAS, bags and bags of UGLs and all the infantry we have)
  11. I think most replies were not discussing the Spartans per se but the inappropriateness of an army which claims to be fighting for freedom and democracy likening itself to the Spartans. And the whole homo-erotic thing, of course.

    I'll agree with the bit about the civvies, though. It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.
  12. So, who's he callin' a "Hooah" then? :wink:
  13. "Hooah" would be what the average GI Joe shouted before he threw away his kebab, dropped his Stella and started windmilling...it translates roughly as "Have some you..."
  14. No doubt, many people even in the US Army do know the Spartans actual history, and in fact know that it's not as glamorous or honorable as the movie 300 would like you to believe. By all modern accounts, the ancient Spartans were sick narcissistic fcuk bags, but that would be applying 21st century morality to the distant past, and wouldn't make much sense. The fact that many of them were colon cowboys doesn't paint the most macho hollywood picture of them either, but the point of the speech is not a history lesson, but a metaphor for honoring service men.