21st Anti-tank regiment RA (1939-1945)

Hi all,
I found out that my grand farther was a major in the 21st A/TK Regiment of the RA. I was just wondering if anyone here know anything about them or anywhere i could get some info. Ive already tried looking for info about them in the Guards Armoured division but couldn't find much.
Any help would be appreciated.
There are three War Diaries in the National Archives at Kew if you can get there to have a look at them.

Document numbers are : WO 171/914, WO 166/11332 and WO 166/7083.

The contents of the War Diaries can vary from a couple of pages to a couple of hundred pages. Some will contain orders, maps, reports etc. as well as a diary of events. Others might just have one page for the year.

There is also some information about the unit in Holland here.

21 Anti Tank Regt

thanks for that. But i have one more question, did the regiment get disbanded or did in merge into a different regiment?
There's a brief entry at British Artillery Regiments

They were a regular army regt converted to anti-tank in 1938, served in the BEF in 1 Inf Div, then Normandy onwards with Guards Armd Div. UK in between.

I think they had P, Q, Y and Z Btys. P & Q didn't change in the 1947 renumbering, Y & Z seem to have disappeared. Regts were also all renumbered but I think 21 ATk was disbanded along with all the other ATk Regts (responsibility transferred to Armd Corps).
My own grandfather was in the 21st ATR. Cant add much more than the posters above as regards the unit history but I do have one or two items which may be of of interest.

One is a programme for the 21st ATR's memorial service which was held on July 15th 1945 at Pinnerburg near Hamburg. Includes a roll of honour which lists the units dead and missing from the Normandy campaign through Holland and into Germany. 51 dead and 2 missing the majority being lost in Normandy.

Another couple of bits and bobs including the programme from the Guards Armoured Divisions "Farewell to Armour" parade at Rotenburg airfield held on June 1945. Be happy to copy/scan these for you if they would be of interest to you.
wellsy id really appreciate it if you did. :D
Ref your question if they amalgamated< not sure, however, their CO a certain Lt Col RC Hulbert went on to be the second CO of 40 Regt RA. I'm trying to find his photo for a project i've been jiffed with, so if anyone can help, that would be brilliant. Thanks.

Have you tried contacting the librarian at Firepower, he has an amazing collection of officers photo's.[/QUO
Thanks OP Ack, I'll try on Monday morning!
21 ATk Regt WO 171/914

Btys: Q*, Y*, Z, 2

CO Lt Col R C Hulbert
2IC Maj J Goring
Adjt Capt E O Hall

Q Bty* Maj R I G Taylor, Capt G - E D G Smith, Capt Q - A V V Beaty
R H William, A D Porter, A C T Handford, LO J S Hardy

Y Bty* Maj H Tuzel, Capt G - P P Shirvington, Capt Q – W L Laird
D I Steel, W E Palin, F A Hook, LO J Pollard

Z Bty Maj C R Morshead, Capt Q – J Affleck, Capt G – E R Moss-Blundell
C N Ford, R D Cordery, H S Murton, LO H J howells

2 Bty M H Blackwell, Capt G – M S Warman, Capt Q – R A Johnson
J S Davis, F Hibberd, H R Ealey, LO G W Owen

* - M10
Which one is your granddad?Is he still alive? Do you have any papers or a diary?

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