21st Anniversary of the last British Military Berlin Train

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Received this via email and thought it might be of some interest to some of you (pdf file attached):

    Are you aware that there is a planned 21st Anniversary of the last British Military Berlin Train.
    I have attached the information about it for your perusal.
    The train will run steam hauled from Berlin to Hannover and back, calling at Marienborn to recreate the security ceremony
    between the British Train Commander and the Soviets
    There will be a pre-train evening party on the 11th May 2011.
    The fare for the train is £90 2nd Class or £125 1st Class, these prices involve making your own arrangements to and from Berlin.

    There are three tour packages planned and these vary in price and content.
    The tours all start from London-
    By coach, with Leger Holidays, escorted by a Cold War battlefield expert, including a stop at the Mohne Dam on
    the outward journey. A Cold war evening tour of Berlin and a visit to Bruges on the return leg - £399.
    By rail, with DER tours, unescorted from - £649.
    By air, from Heathrow, 3 nights in the Hotel Tiergarten escorted by Colonel Robin Greenham, including a Cold War
    tour of Berlin, from £799 (price subject to confirmation).

    Best Regards

    Frank C

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  2. Will have to check my records. That could be almost 30 years to the week since I did my last Train Duty Officer.
  3. Have pinged the PDF to an old mate who was a translator on the train in the 80s.
  4. Excuse to but in, but I have a question about Briitsh soldiers, trains and Berlin. Would, in anybodies estimation, it have been possible in cold war for a soldier, travelling alone, to get on a train in Holland to Braunschweig, fall asleep and miss his stop, then get very rude awakening in DDR, having not been checked leaving BRD or entering DDR ?
  5. Funnily enough it should not be possible, however one of ours ended up in DDR custody though he was asleep cos he was pissed,so whilst it shouldnt have been possible, it did happen. This was about 79-80 time.
  6. Thanks for quick reply. Interesting, as I thought it should not be possible. Just goes to show that not all tall tales are nonsense. Well, I hope that when your guy sobered up he enjoyed his stay at, Wolfenbutel I think
  7. Well after being in DDR hands, he then went away for a few days to talk to some nice people before being handed back to us at woofers.
  8. Unfortunately I never got the chance to try the train out, but heard loads of stories about how the boys were messed about by the Soviets. Anyone able to confirm that the documentation had to be presented 100% correct (including punctuation), otherwise they would hold up the train, just because they could?!
    Fascinating stuff.
  9. The BTD (Berlin Travel Document) had to be perfect. Even the regiment stamp had to be very clear (woe betide the HQ with a stamp too worn to be accepted by they who inspected the documents). After the document had been throughly checked it went to the local RCT travel office in brigade for another once over. Oh and the MoD 90 had to be in good condition too. My CO had a duff MoD 90 and there was much to do to get it sorted out in time.
  10. I was 'lucky' enough to pull 2 train duties whilst relief troop commander of the Berlin Field Squadron. I fretted for many a sleepless night before the first one, but was looked after by the Para (yeah, right) interpreter and RCT Train Warrant Officer. I particularly enjoyed having an entire section of the train to myself, tick-tocking down the platform with a folder of docs and ID cards, and being watched through a 2-way mirror as we presented them in what felt like a broom cupboard. After 4 hours in Wulfenbuttel (might have been Braunschweig), back into best kit and the whole thing in reverse. Decent dinner, much to my surprise, returning to an Ex Rocking Horse and 12 hours of bridge dems on the Havel It was a great experience, almost as good as taking the whole troop for dinner and beers in the East, all in No 2 Dress. Berliner Kindl still tastes like burnt cardboard, however!
  11. You, Sir, are a philistine. BK was like an angel crying on your tongue! I never went on the British train but I did take the American train to go on SNOW QUEEN. The mistake was sending us on Paddy's Day. Oh Dear.
  12. Are any ARRSE members attending this event?
  13. The one that took place in May last year? :)
  14. No it's happening on the weekend of the 12/13 May this year, I'm booked on it.
  15. Edit - my mistake - misread it. I hope you have a good time.