Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 21reserve, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, from reading quite a few posts around here im right in thinking many of you have attempted/passed selection? I was wondering if you could guide me on whether i should like the potential recruit for 21.

    Just want to say im not here to ask for things like how do i contact them, what shall i do etc because i can find that for myself? But i want to guage my fitness against some of you, which is hard to find searching posts and also my usefullness (see later).

    I can do about 60 press ups in one go, quite well built- strong, i go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Im 22 and i used to be a sprinter and cross country runner. I did a run about a year ago and it was 5.5 miles in 24 minutes. Im guessing most of the training is not about running with a heavy sack on, but quick marching with a bergen, for hours, which i feel i could cope with?

    My strongest quality is my determination, if i really want something i usually get it. People used to think i was pushing myself too hard when i used to be glowing red after an 800m or something.

    Im actually in the royal navy reserves, awaiting my admiralty interview board date but im starting to have second thoughts. The career choice i wanted is not planning out how i would have liked and im starting to feel like a referee in a champions league final- i want to be in the real action!

    In addition im a fairly intelligent guy with a very good education, extremely good technical background and was wondering if i could use this with 21, in some specialist capacity?
  2. Thanks, i just thought the questions i had would be better placed here
  3. You will get the correct info from them!

  4. wah?
  5. From what you've told us, you seem to have a reasonable base level of fitness. But like everything else, UKSF(R) Selection has to be trained for specifically. By which I mean you will have to spend a long time on the hills, getting used to walking over rough ground carrying heavy loads. As well as developing you're map reading skills.

    It's virtually impossible for anyone here to tell you one way or another if you will make the grade for 21. We can only offer advice in the most general terms. And wish you the best of luck - because you'll need it! :D
  6. I'll ask this one question (i have put it in my email to them, but its something which im very nervy about) incase i do get a provisional 'answer':

    im worried about the level of eyesight, does anyone know the official level and if someone doesnt match it, can they try for selection and have laser surgery if successful?

    Like ive said, i have emailled them this, but if someone on here also knows for sure then would relieve me of some paranoia tonight :)
  7. I would be surprised if Them allowed you attempt Selection unless you're eyesight was already at the minimum standard required.

    I don't know the official level, but IIRC the UKSF(R) website says a potential recruit's eyesight must be "near perfect".
  8. Im not sure if its same with the army, but the for navy my eyesight was classed as 'type 2', im not sure if 'type 1' is just pilots etc
  9. Could'nt tell you, mate. At the risk of repeating what others have said: the only people who can answer all you're questions are 21 themselves. If you're eyesight does'nt make the grade, they will not hesitate to inform you. Laser vision correction may be an option, 'though I think there can be a problem with how the eyes react to pressure after treatment; you would have to check that out.

    Best of luck. Hope it works out for you.
  10. Yeh thats why they dont let pilots have it done

    Thanks anyway
  11. No worries, mate.

    And don't give up yet; you're eyesight may be good enough to get you on Selection. You won't know until 21 get back to you.

    Best of luck. :)
  12. Type 1 or 1A also applies to swimmer canoeist applicants. Type 2 may not cut it foggy.
  13. Im not sure if a type1 would be any better off in fog lol
  14. Perhaps not, but at least they have the reassurance that they weren't concieved with a weak sperm. :D