217 London General Hospital RAMC TAVR

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bisley, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Anyone out there remember the above or were there during the early eighties. It was on Braganza Street, South East London???
  2. It amalgamated in the early 1990's with 257 Gen Hosp & 221 Fd Amb to become 256 (City of London) Field Hospital. The Braganza St site is now RHQ & A Sqn. Hope this helps. PM If you want any more info.
  3. I was in the Blackheath Detachment of 217
  4. Good to see there is still someone about, I was in B coy (Brighton) in the 90s....a life time ago now but it still seems like only :? yesterday.
  5. J'd always wanted 257 to be known as '257 General Army Surgical Hospital' but I was very childish in those days. Still am come to think of it. Is the Harrow det still going?
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  6. I was RCT attached in the early 80's, with ,amongst others, Corporal 'Harry' Davis & Driver 'Ted' Hart
  7. At Braganza Street in the early 80's new facebook page set up this month for members. names Steve Harding Mavis Dyer Colin Jenkins Les Smith Les Spiterie..to name a few
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  8. trying to find some of those named above....
  9. Who's StevePH? go an e-mail linked to 217 however the link has an error..Steve was asking for people's real names...
  10. Graeme sergeant, Went to Germany in about 1972,Also used to go to the City of London group.
  11. Just found this site - Yes, I remember the 'old 217 mob' from 1986 when I joined at Braganza Street!. Still in when it became 256 FH, and then (amazingly! ) got "Called up" in 1998 for a six stint with the Regulars despite my age!!! A great TA bunch in both Units, and I miss those days. Cheers, Capt B. ('pm' me if you remember the 'name' !)
  12. I remember Harry Davis and Whiffy.Plus I think it was Diane Clark
  13. What were you "called up" for in 1998?
  14. For 6 years?
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  15. I ended up being seconded to the Army Medical Directorate for a 3 month 'Project' - - then before I knew it, was signed upfor a brand new post as SO3 Medical Intelligence firstly at Keogh then later at Sandhurst. Should have been 5 years, but someone looked the other way when I got to 60!