Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by shane_dean, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. im being posted there next year does anyone have any decent info on the unit?

    looking to build my fizz up and would like to get p coy done early on to stop me receiving shite!

    has anyone had a posting here or there now that could let me know what to expect cheers!
  2. Yes mate, get fit or else and don't have an attitude, or I'll tell my mate who happens to be the RSM!
  3. im pretty fit anyways, run time of about 9mins but obviously can majorly improve.

    i aint got an attitude ive never been in serious shit, cocky sometimes but within reason and so far all staff ive come across take to it and have a laugh back.

    is the rsm alright i know theres some bad 'ens about !!
  4. Well as long as you're keen enough and are prepared to do it fella good on you, oh and the RSM's a cnut but I call him Mick.

  5. cheers fella!

    on one of his parades i'll say 'yes mick' if spoken too!!

  6. Bet you don't!
  7. not a chance!
  8. Hey up matey! Where you hiding these days?
  9. Propped up against the wall in the troop stores :D

  10. i've yet to meet a bad RSM...well there was one, and by coincidence he was a scaley...not bad per se, just BS baffled his own brains....and yes Dougie, if your reading this i mean you!!!

    Ironically, the best RSM i ever met was a 'Dougie' too, Lt Div though, i also met an awesome RIRISH Dougie, dunno if he was an RSM, but top bloke, think he's commissioned now?
  11. Was he the RSM of 8 Bde in Londonderry?
  12. not when i was there
  13. Par for the course I'm afraid, but did his surname start with a W?
  14. sorry, i geniunely can't remember...
  15. I knew a Dougie who was a Sgt in the early 70's, as KB as fcuk, and chuffed that his last 3 were 252. He had the potential to be a horrendous RSM, and his surname started with W.

    Coincidentally the best RSM I ever knew was at Aldershot, during and post Op Corporate.