Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by wall_2, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. hey guys

    i thought i would start her with trying to find out more information about 216 signal sqn, im a newly qualified installation technician and just got my first posting to 1 div, hoping to get on the tour next year if i can get there in time, but im really interested in going 216,

    i was wondering if anyone knows how you go about getting the ball rolling, i would like to go 216 after the tour.

    cheers sam
  2. Where's nesbit when you need him??
  3. Cheers PA, my sentiments exactly.

    I had the pleasure (if thrush on your thang is your thang) working with the NesPrick.
  4. Phone the training wing at 216, they will give you all the gen
  5. Or look up PD206 on intranet at work. IIRC, you express an interest to the CoC, and take it from there.
  6. hey guys thanks for the info/advice, i will post on here if i have any more questions, once i have researched of course.

    big thanks sam
  7. Sam,

    216 have quality lads who are resourceful, however; seen as you are fresh out the factory I will forgive your naivety. First you need to prove to your immediate chain at 1 Div that you are the calibre of Soldier which is needed (and will fit in) at 216. Secondly, you need to highlight your ambitions to your hierarchy during any formal career interview you have (mid term, annual - or just in the bar)....The rest you will figure out. I have done a tour there (and two Op tours) - It will make you a better soldier. +
  8. hey cheers for the proper advice, like i said its just something i would like to do after a year or so, but iv not fully decided what i want to do with my career yet.

    cheers again

  9. He did say soldier and not tradesman.
    Fail P Coy did we?!
  10. Valid points.
    From my perspective I don't think I really knew what soldiering was really about until I got to 216 and being taught practically all our stuff from the Para Regt. I believe this was proved when we went on our Detties or Staffies and invariably we had someone who came top student and if there was a few of us up there we'd bag all the top slots.
    I remember being in Germany on a Battle Camp (not with 216) and being refused the best soldier award because I'd done P Coy!
  11. 216 Sqn are a bunch of hats.........
  12. I know what you look like don't forget!

  13. Presume yr a tom, if so becarefull before speaking out, congratulations on doing a tour at 216, hope your in the wider corps now being a professional around soldier/tradesman proving your point and returning back to 216 doing more tours there, or me been cynical got the badge and not going back like a few people I know

  14. Yawn!!!!!!

    "had no interest myself"

    I am a fat **** & couldn't pass water if required!

    Another boring cockhead who knows it all!

  15. Agreed, why be a badge collector like some sort of overgrown boy-scout?