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Discussion in 'Officers' started by nescafe236, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I am about to apply for the Royal Signals to join as an officer, I specifically want to join 216 signals and serve with the paras. Do I specify this from the very beginning or is it even possible to specify this?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. No. Get commissioned before you go Walty. In fact don't mention it at all.
  3. Okay, why do you say not to mention it at all?
  4. James236 - There's a few ex- 216 guys on this site. Standby, they'll catch up with your query. All the very best of luck to you.
  5. Please ignore duffdike - he's a waste of skin who would be doing the site a favour if he drank a litre of phenol and shoved his head in a bucket of acid.
  6. Dont listen to this piece of womb lining.
    Flag up your interest when asked, keep your ears open for info regarding beat up, course content ect and gauge your probability of success on how you fare physically and mentally during basic.
  7. Although perfectly admirable it opens the door to all kinds of awkward questions at interviews and at RMAS. Trust me on this. The obvious question is why you don't want to join the Para Reg. There is also a danger that you might inadvertently create the impression that the rest of the fine corps you are joining are crap hats. In a Corps you get posted hither and thither. Para Signals for officers is an option for one or two postings only. The real questions will be about your suitability to get into RMAS at all and thence into R Sigs. Concentrate on those. It is only later as the Signals start asking for your input you can volunteer. It also avoids looking a complete mong if you are crappy at Sandhurst. Once a lot of cadets have tabbed over the beacons or whatever they do they decide that maybe the infantry isn't for them after all. lol.
  8. Pay no attention to these plonkers. They haven't read the question.
  9. Again, your opinions on this are just like your much adored comments on operational matters, ie, that you have had no experience of or have any similar experience of. 29, 7, 13, 23, 9 ect ect all happily and regularly receive good calibre individuals straight from RMAS, a polite enquiry and statement of possible intention cant do any harm. But again, without the experience of an ardous course or 2 you wouldnt know would you ! :)

  10. That seems to me to be a piece of first class advice for this young man. Why couldn't you have proffered that first? You are eminently sensible when you want to be.
  11. Because it's far easier for him to be a knobber.
  12. Excellent well it would seem the thing to do is keep schtum until they come asking and in the mean while concentrate on getting my head down and working hard.
  13. Exactly. And good luck.
  14. When I was at the Sqn 99 - 2001 all Tp OC's came directly from RMAS done their 5/6 week attachment, went on to the troopies cse then came back to the sqn to attempt P Coy. I must say at the time not all the officers were para trained, but hey that was 10 years ago and things might have changed.
  15. back in 1936, or whenever it was I was at RMAS, if you mentioned anything about para you were doomed as the Csgt/RSMs thought you thought you were thinkin that you were better/fitter/more 'ard than they were. And the para NCO's disowned the daft buggers who admitted it....apart from the guys who'd done p/co already.........