216 Para Signals Sqaudron.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Callum_Almighty, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Right, after my first selection (deferred for heart mumor) i changed my choice from tank crewman kings Royal Hussars To R Signal's.
    The Only Job Choice's i Have Is Driver Lines Man And Few Other's.
    i chose driver lines man :roll: :?: :idea:
    what my plan is once in phase two at royal school of signal's
    i've got myself forward for Airbourne.
    216 Para Signal's Sqn.
    The reason i am doing this is because i want a trade, and something to fall on after the army, and i want something exciting and challenging, so why not go airbourne? :idea:
    What Do You Guy's And Girl's Think About The Situation?

  2. Oh dear.

    Well, you've picked an interesting R Signals trade (Driver Lineman, btw) if you are looking for easily transferable civvie skills (I am assuming that if all you were interested in was the driving bit, you'd have gone RLC - or even stayed a volunteer for tankie and got to drive heavy metal.)

    There's no reason not to go Para if that's what you are keen on and you have the fitness.

    What do you expect us to think about it? You're still in the ACF aren't you? Have you got a date for basic yet? Get onto that, pass out and then start plotting your progress to a Field Marshal's baton (or into a cabling job as a civvie?)
  3. ACF, Na i left awhile back, want to do the real thing
    got loads of my mate in atm, if i passed Selection when i was meant to, would of bin 28th Jan.
    I plan to stay in as long as i can.
    Yea suppose you're right there ;)
  4. You will not be able to attend 'P' Coy if you have a heart murmour
  5. Seroius?
    Well That F*cked Up That Idea
  6. Sorry to piss on your bonfire buddy, but a heart murmour will rule you out of the most basic of things. Even a driver, I believe, as you go through a reasonably thorough medical.

    But I'm not an expert so I may well be talking shit.
  7. Learning to spell Airborne might be a start too :D
  8. hahaha - when has spelling been on the entrance test for P-Coy :D
  9. Never, but being able to start a sentence with a capital letter is a good start.

    However the knowledge that you can look down on legions of hats within the Corps is an utter joy!
  10. Now now lad's.
    my spelling is sh*te at time's but who really give's a sh*t

    And thanx mate, i glad someone told me now instead of being told when it's to late lol

  11. :D
  12. Is that you Mike?

    Show us your tattoo mate.....
  13. Callum, you say you want to get a trade, but what trade elements are you interested in? The driving or the communications cabling? Be aware that Driver Lineman is currently being phased out and replaced with the Communication Systems Specialist, who is an all-round communications logistician dealing with transport, supplies, health & safety, equipment accounting and lots of diverse stuff.

    Quite right, guru, it simply wouldn't be the same on here wiithout some kid getting slagged off for their spelling.
  14. Yea, I'm more interested in the communications side of stuff, the driving would be a bonus, yes, i do indeed know that that is happening.
    i've been told there may be a current idea to get around this situation, i've got to go and speak the my recruitment Sgt and a Signal's Sgt.
    I'm gunna try a pull as going in a comms op, but i don't not have the grade's from high school for that, so i might pull it as using my 4 B's i got threw public service's level 2 and currenty doing public service's level 3 and if i complete the first year, get an A Level a C grade, then would i be possible. but i suppose i would have to wait and find out.
  15. post sent three time's