216 and 264 Flat Cap Berets

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chalkntalk, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. Why is it that soldiers at 216 and 264 Sig Sqns insist on wearing their berets like flat caps and why is it that the RSMs of those units do not grip it.

    They look ridiculous and invite derogatory and disparaging comment.

    How's that for a small hand grenade?
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  2. I took much pleasure several years ago when visiting Blandford with our RSM. On walking down the road to HQ SOinC a group of 'flat capped' Bretheren sauntered past looking very slovenly and ignoring us both.

    To my great joy the RSM explodded and made them form up and march past me 8 times saluting properly each time. He also made them put their berets on properly. It was made even better because he was still wearing his 264 wings and knew 2 of them.
    :D :D :D
    Unfortunately I fear that there are not enough SNCOs of his calibre in the Corps to stop these tosser wandering around with their stupid flat caps and arrogant attitudes.
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  3. i think that Monty answered this question very well with the following words that he wrote 60 odd years ago.

    What Manner of Men Are These Who Wear the Maroon Beret?

    They are firstly all volunteers and are toughtened by physical training. As a result they have infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from well-being. They have 'jumped' from the air and by doing so have conquered fear.

    Their duty lies in the van of the battle. They are proud of this honour. They have the highest standards in all things whether it be skill in battle or smartness in the execution of all peace time duties. They are in fact - men apart - every man an emperor.

    Of all the factors which make for success in battle, the spirit of the warrior is the most decisive. That spirit will be found in full measure in the men who wear the maroon beret

    Field Marshall
    The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
  4. Despite that they still look bl**dy silly
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  5. Obviously mummy didn't pay you enough attention did she? get a life! ok some lads large it a bit granted but most are good eggs, having a "cream" element to the corps does it no harm, otherwise it would on the whole just be a sea of midnight blue pie eating ptarmigan truck wallahs who are the brunt of the army's jokes [along with sloppys + clerks]

    Personally the guys I met with the biggest resentment towards blah/ab were blokes that either failed the course or talked a good course...
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  6. Known quite a few who large it as soon as they arrive at Blandford or any other unit and i can honestly say that if they are the cream then we as a corp are sh*gged.

    But as with all units you get good and bad however they do the same job as both of the units in question and that is provide a service to commanders. :!:
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  7. a hat is a hat is a hat as far as i can see, there is as many badly shaped berets out there as there are 'normal', the question is how you stereo-type the wearer (and more importantly why?).

    I mean its a hat, granted good ole Jimmy should be sat perched above the left peeper but the more you moan the further round the ear it goes :D

    What does crack me up though is the amount of young lads that get posted to 216 without being winged and yet they adopt the same beret shape????? :D
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  8. Personnaly i dont give a * how they wear their berets, its a macho thing after all "i've passed a course that you havent so i am going to wear my beret how i like" but so what, life is too short.

    What does get up my nose however is the attitude that accompanies the flat cap look as far as respect goes. Just because they have the BBC on their arm should not make them any less soldiers first. They should be professionalat all times (esp in Blandford) if they want the respect they feel they deserve. :twisted:
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  9. Yes some of them do look ridiculous and should be brought to task. However some also actually look ok. Who is to say how you shape your beret?

    I have never seen anything about it apart from the surplus must be pulled towards the right ear, and the badge must sit above the left eye.

    Who says that the badge must be vertical?

    Who decided that the best way to shape it was to create the Grand Canyon behind the badge?

    It would help if the badge were smaller, it is so long and thin that it makes actually shaping the beret a big hassle.
  10. njw


    in my opinion when you have passed a course such as 264/216 or Commando Course then wear what you like and how you like it!

    My biggest gripe at RSS/11SR were the larger than life 'wonnabies' who pranced around Blandford wearing their large 'instructor type' badges.

    Come on give the lads a break, 'they like what they do, and do what they like!'

    Volunteer, Tab/Yomp, Jump - simple as that....

    Don't forget not all Corps' have such a heritage. We should look upon our Corps and it's many diversities with pride and laugh in the face of others.

  11. A WO1 once told me, "only ladies wear hats"
  12. And the WO1's opinions are gospel? :D ;)
  13. Back in April on a far distant thread......
    The army is getting smaller and less people are having to do more. If you are really from an operational unit, and feel you need to large it when you are back at your own Depot, perhaps you need to have a think about how Operational You are??
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  14. I did a parachute jump and on the same plane was a bunch of girls. I doubt they got back to their 6th form and went larging it about.

    As for the berets, I'd rather flat caps than landing pads
  15. Maybe, but I bet they weren't stood up for 40 minutes in an open doorway at night 800ft above some training area after a 5 hour low level flight, wearing 170lbs of equipment and parachutes, travelling at 130 miles an hour, then having jumped alongside 90 other guys from the same aircraft having to tab a fair few km to an RV point. Thats after a six week physical thrashing on pre para and P Coy. I agree on the beret thing though. :D
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