215 Sig Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by LilPWx1986, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Due to be posted into 215 sigs, really looking forward to it too.

    Just wondering has anyone worked with them?

  2. aye, feckin champion it was, spent my last couple of years in the regs there, knackered old panzers but it was good to be away from the wheelie fannies, proper old school unit in that respect but not shy when it came to asking for lion sun tours!
  3. My pal is there, it's all up in the air at the moment. All the junior ranks are not happy and loads have signed off.

    I guess its the old cliche though "It's what you make of it".
  4. I've been here for just over a year and i've enjoyed every minute of it. We are about to deploy on telic so its bound to be up in the air. Its what you make it and those people who have signed off never did.......
    PM me if you want anything further.
  5. Good to see nothing's changed in the last few years.

    Tidworth should be nuked, then we could start again with the locals and their personalities.
  6. Cheers for replying, I am really looking forward to it. I arrive at 215 on Thursday so not long to go.

    But it is definately true when you say it is what you make of it, I will be doing just that!

    Does anyone know what 215's role on Telic is? As in will we get much chance to get out on the ground?
  7. Well on Telic 4 they wanted to set the Bde Main HQ up in Basra city centre. That would have been 'interesting' so to speak.

    On T4 we ran Syscon, did comms in the Ops Room type place downstairs (Basra airport) where all the foreigners were, had a troop on general dick jobs (will anyone who did it or saw the photos ever forget eight Scaleys in two soft top LRs 'escorting' 32 Warriors?), had a few RLDs out (although I think a lot of the camps they were on have gone now), looked after the satcomms at the airport and ran the comcen.
  8. Thanks for that, its good to have a little insight into where I am going.
  9. we will we doing much of the same commcen, radcon, RLD's and the BPF. There wont be much of a welcoming party for you on Thursday as the BDE are on Ex...NO doubt i'll see you round...
  10. Ok sounds good, see you next week.

    Oh one more question lol will i have access to wireless?

  11. Yeah if you pay for it.... a few of the block rats have and if you ask them nicely i'm sure you can use theirs for a small fee....
  12. Great maybe see you next week then. Will you be around?

    I heard the area is a bit dull, many places to get pissed?
  13. Did T4 with them, some good lads and girls.
    They like running and er, running.
    Get your sneakers ready.
    Good luck mate. its what you make of it.
  14. Thanks, its a good job I like running too then.

    Thanks everyone for giving me a little insight

  15. Euphratees TP = Radcon,Commcen,Jocs (IS Engs), Tech Workshops
    Tigris Tp - RLD's (not many now though), BPF, Fw'd HQ.
    Support TP = COB QM, COB MT, Shit Jobs

    You will Stag on alot, 4-5 x per month. BPF is an eye opener at first then quickley becomes boring. Facilities are good, Gym is excellent on Allenby lines, Cookhouse is Excellent, Reasonable welfare facilities but always very busy.
    Very quiet at the moment reference IDF, but you lot will probably get it bad the first month or so like we did. Sand bag your Corrimec because the ballistic roofing does not work and the Sunshade will turn into 1000 bits of Shrapnel when a mortar or rocket hits it.

    Good Luck and have a Safe tour