212 sigs on bbc news

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. hello did anyone manage to see the lads in baghdad on bbc news before the game kicked off?

    6 members of 212 signal squadron did an interview. amongst some other people too. the presenter asked about "john cole" and was immediately corrected making him look like a tit!

    iv got the video but have never put a vid on arrse before the add video button doesnt help as its on my desktop!

  2. Get it on, so we know who has to get the slabs in..
  3. 3 of the six people on there are arrse users!
  4. Any idea who the guys were as i was in 212 not long ago, wouldnt mind seeing that vid mate!
  5. cant give out names on here.

    and i cant work out how to get the video on either.

    comms tp staffy, chav ED, and four blokes from comd troop.

    PM me with who you are and ill release the info. i was there from 03 - 06 do i know you maybe?!
  6. Its available on 212 SigSqn on BBC

    The site isn't online all the time --- if the link doesn't work please PM me
  7. thats the badger, cheers polar!
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    John Cole - Quality
  9. Can't view it - can you upload it somewhere else like File Factory please?
  10. The server is down at the mo, it'll come back online at around 3pm when my daughter gets home from school ... or the mrs starts buying stuff on ebay
  11. I couldn't get it to work with Firefox, so viewed it with IE.
  12. I had that when I tried with FF..... IE started up media player, whereas FF tried to download the file as a web page ....

    Also have amarilo.wmv on the same server but that works????? confused
  13. Neither of them work for me in FireFox, but both work fine in IE. If I right-click and download them in FF they work fine.

    Thanks for the BBC News clip.
  14. Sorry mate been away. I was there 2000 - 2003, left straight after telic. Comd troop. I prob wont know any of the guys on TV but thought i'd ask, cos it could mean a beer!