212/204 Osnabruck - REUNION

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pi$$ytash, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Job done P-T,

    sounds like fine idea to me, I will pass on to those ex 2'oh'4 mates that I'm in touch with.

  3. Me too, im actually returning there in a couple of weeks too. :D
  4. Surely 204 was in York Bks in Munster in 1990?
  5. It was Quebec Bks in Osnabruck from in 96 for definite, Didnt 14 move out and 21 Engr move in alongside 204 mid 90s?
  6. I think your right, i was at 14 when we moved to Quebec from Celle. Pretty sure that 204 were in place already at Quebec.
  7. Some of the personalities when i were there 98-02 have since returned. But impending tour i likely to scupper attendance.
  8. On the RLC note same as with the chefs and the stores sgt we had with us in Agricola in 99 and the following tour of Bosnia in 2000. The master chef we had was a really good bloke, always made sure that what the brass got, the boys and girls got in equal amounts if there was goodies on the go.

    He really did look after the Rebros on tour too, making sure they got plenty of fresh on resup demands.... One in a million
  9. I was with 14 in Traz we moved out 96/97.

    Hope you have a good piss up :D
  10. Wouldn't miss it for the world! It'll be good to catch up with the old crowd again! Count me in. Have already passed the word to a couple (those still in touch with). As long as the word keeps being spread, it should be a good one! Cheers P-T,

  11. A cracking idea when and where was there 93-96 a really good time and a couple of good tours.
  12. good to see you again mate, i'll send e-mail shortly with addy, up coming tours could be a drama but i'll pass the word round
    jbg :D :D
  13. Great unit, was there 97 - 2001, in support troop (MT)