211 (11 ARMD BDE) Sig Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Pamela, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. Greetings all,

    Been approached by an old mate of mine who served in MINDEN with 211 from 86-88.

    Aparrently there was a sqn photo taken from a large crane? All the armour on display and the sqn bods stood in front of them.

    He's misplaced his copy. I'd be grateful if anyone who has one to PM me or point me in the right direction on here so I can scan one for him.

    Cheers all :lol: :lol:
  2. 211 Sig Sqn-11 Inf Bde HQ & Sig Sqn- 11 Armd Bde HQ & Sig Sqn - Task Force Golf back to 211 Sig Sqn...Eternal Tiangle

  3. I was there when it was in Infantryy mode back in 1970-75 and block 5 was not a suncream protector factor......your picture sorry no...

  4. I have that picture somewhere, (and i am in it) I served with 211 between 82-87 arrived as a Signalman and left there as a Signalman, many great times,
  5. As per other threads - who has memories of this Squadron, based in Minden, during 82-87? I have loads from Jock getting stuck in a chimney on endex and causing a small storm. lol, The great boxing team we had at that time, our resident disco liney partnership out every night strutting their stuff, Me being banged up for 28 days in 4afa nick for offering violence to my then oc troop, lol again. One certain SSM who scared the shite out of everyone (C****y), sweeping the parade square of snow when it was snowing!!!!!!!
  6. My God, at last someone who remembers! I was the one the Hun Police grabbed to translate for John Tovey, he was most pissed off that the Siggy he thought was asleep in the back of Sig Ops was actually stuck head first 20ft down a Gasthaus chimney. I can name the name but could he stand the shame!!! The SSM you alluded to was in my opinion the best I ever served under in all my 22 years, which is more than can be said of the Tit that replaced him! I remember lending my car to our Lineys so they could go to Lubbecke strutting. If we don't know each other then we certainly shared the same shit together. Up BRAVO and stuff ALPHA!
  7. - Bloody hell - who by - I hardly touch anything...
  8. Did you touch him in 2005 when he posted that ;-)
  9. I was in that piccy - on the square in front of BDE HQ.I can also remember WO2 (SSM) Derek Boyd..say no more Sam.
  10. Bravo Troop Block 7 Kingsley Barracks Minden BFPO 29.
    Arrived Aug 1970 age 17 Single.
    Departed July 1975 Married.....
  11. Bravo Tp Radio Relay on the road behind the Line Shack, ready to leave on Ex.
    Lionheart. army10.jpg
  12. I was there fm 62 until 67 happy days many memorys
  13. There is a copy of the photo mentioned hanging in the GB Club in Minden, the club is owned and run by ex squaddies, there is even a RAOB watering hole a in the cellar, look them up on the net!! can supply phone number if neccessary
  14. Who you? I was there from 72-75. PTI for a bit, worked in the Commcen. (For verification: RHS of the entry road just past the guardroom, opp. the Education block) PM me?